Signing fee 20 million! Papi sauce eleven staged the first variety show Papi sauce reported, October 20th, announced in a shopping site from October 21st to double eleven day will carry out 300 live games, including star in the more than and 100 live games, among them, the red net paste with 20 million of the cost of originator Papi sign variety first show. It is reported that the website will be listed during the double eleven "October 10th will buy a list", which contains 2000 items, will be broadcast live for every commodity introduction. In addition, during the carnival and call "Star", "please, God" and many other file live variety show, "Star" will be invited to call 120 for celebrities and business leaders guest programs, consumers in the warm-up period, you can see hundreds of stars are active in their brand studio. In addition, "please God" is the 300 Master live shopping experience of the program, the site responsible person mentioned, Papi sauce will also participate in the program, launched his first variety show, and the specific broadcast time is not released. (source: Red Net today)相关的主题文章: