Silver long embrace GREE thigh to enter the passenger car: 2020 sales of 200 thousand vehicles in August 23rd, GREE headquarters in Zhuhai, the acquisition of Zhuhai silver dragon new energy Co., ltd.. Early in March this year, GREE acquired Zhuhai long silver, "cross-border war" news has reported, up to now the acquisition finally determined, but ultimately did not go through the acquisition process. The combination of the two, in GREE’s view, is to the next one hundred billion market; Zhuhai silver long, it is to re create a GREE". No matter what their respective map, the combination of the two will bring complementary advantages is the consensus of both sides. Silver Dragon and GREE have a new energy technology, an adequate funding. GREE plans to acquire the acquisition of silver after the show, the new energy business will be the focus of development. According to the two lines proposed by the silver dragon, after the acquisition of the company’s main business of the two, one is energy storage, and the other is the car two. The former is the potential market value of GREE, the latter is the silver long enterprise fundamentals. Although silver is currently only electric passenger car, but its passenger car has been in preparation, and has set the 2020 passenger car sales target of 200 thousand. The reporter understands, long silver is used titanate lithium iron batteries more niche. The lithium battery safety compared to lithium iron phosphate is stronger, but the battery energy density is low, it means that the mileage of the problem is difficult to solve, which will become a major challenge faced by silver long into the passenger area after. "The 2020 reconstruction of a GREE GREE appliances, and silver long production of batteries and new energy vehicles, though in many ways seems to belong to different fields, but at least there is a common point, which is located in the city of Zhuhai. As the first large taxpayer in Zhuhai, GREE’s acquisition of the acquisition of silver, but also won the support of the Zhuhai municipal government. Silver long chairman Wei Yincang said that the Zhuhai municipal government after the acquisition is expected to be the shortest time to rebuild a GREE". After the completion of the acquisition, GREE will be brought to the bank’s capital and technical support is obvious. At present, in the production workshop of Zhuhai Industrial Park, we can not see the operation of the robot, the welding of the body structure is mainly carried out by manual, and the degree of automation is not high. But in the battery production workshop, GREE robots have been stationed, ongoing production testing. GREE’s acquisition of the first step after the silver dragon plan to raise 10 billion yuan of funds to support the development of the latter. According to GREE’s disclosure of planning, construction projects including the Hebei annual output of 1 billion 462 million ampere hour long silver lithium battery production line project, Shijiazhuang Zhongbo automobile Limited company relocation expansion project (two), Hebei long silver production 200MWh storage module production base construction project, Hebei Guangtong with an annual output of 32 thousand units of pure electric special car production base construction project, Zhuhai long silver headquarters R & D center upgrade project. On the other hand, silver long to bring GREE, the latter is not the battery technology. Dong Mingzhu at the press conference on many occasions that the battery technology is the reason GREE fancy silver long. It believes that the future if the storage battery has been large-scale applications, the size of the market even more than one hundred billion yuan, but can reach.相关的主题文章: