Soil foreign minister Su 24: willing to admit downed pro to pilot the widow to apologize – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on November 4th: Russian media said that Turkey’s foreign minister Davutoglu said that he is going to have to be shot down over Syria’s Russian Su -24 pilot’s widow to apologize, while Ankara is willing to compensate for her. According to the Russian satellite network November 2nd reported that "we want to provide material support for pilots killed the family. I have to convey to the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to visit Russia, killed the pilot’s widow, and express our apologies and condolences to her." Mr Davutoglu in Russia 24 hours news said. Reported that in November 24, 2015, Turkey F-16 fighter shot down the Russian Soviet -24 fighter in Syria, since the two countries began to experience a crisis. Russian President Dmitry Putin said the incident was a terrorist accomplice "with a secret arrow and began a series of" economic restrictions on Turkey. The end of June this year, President El of Turkey has sent a letter to the Russian leadership, shooting down the Su -24 event a letter of apology, and pilot victims expressed sympathy and condolences. At the beginning of July, Putin and El’s telephone conversation. After the talks, Putin informed the government of the decision to start normalizing the process of economic and trade relations with Ankara.相关的主题文章: