SONY new patent: use gloves to control virtual reality devices, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 29th afternoon, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office recently released documents show that SONY is envisaged a virtual reality glove controller, used to operate virtual reality devices. SONY’s virtual reality device, PS VR, will be on sale later this year. How users interact with content is a difficult problem for virtual reality devices. Both Oculus and HTC provide their respective handles. Unlike these devices, SONY envisions a glove controller similar to the minority report. SONY applied for these 3 patents in 2014. The patent mainly describes how the limb movement is rendered in the head mounted display, that is, how to translate the user’s arm movement into the screen on the virtual reality device screen. These patents describe a glove with a sensor surface that can be tracked by a camera and converted into a picture that the user sees. Each finger of the glove is equipped with a bending sensor to track tiny movements. And through pressure sensors, gloves can also sense the pressure exerted on the object by the user. For example, this glove can induce the user to pull the door handle, open the handle and push the door open, and the user will see the palm movement in the virtual environment. Previously demonstrated by PS VR through SONY PS Move handle to complete this kind of operation. However, compared to PS Move, this glove can provide more accurate data to track gestures and pressure information. These patents show that SONY is not only concerned about the application of virtual reality in the field of games. SONY has pointed out in the patent application that the application of this glove is not limited to playing games, but also to interact with the virtual objects on the screen, as well as other functions. However, it should be noted that patent applications do not mean the development of new products. For example, SONY has applied for a number of patents related to PS Move somatosensory control, but these features have never appeared in the real product. (Wei Jin)

索尼新专利:用手套控制虚拟现实设备   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月29日下午消息,美国专利商标局近期公布的文件显示,索尼正在设想一种虚拟现实手套控制器,用于操作虚拟现实设备。索尼的虚拟现实设备PS VR将于今年晚些时候开售。   用户如何与内容互动是虚拟现实设备面临的一大难题。Oculus和HTC均提供了各自的手柄。与这些设备不同,索尼设想了一种类似电影《少数派报告》中的手套控制器。   索尼于2014年申请了这3项专利。专利主要描述了“肢体”运动如何在头戴显示器中进行渲染,即如何将用户的手臂运动“翻译”成虚拟现实设备显示屏上的画面。   这几项专利描述了一种表面布满传感器的手套,这些传感器可以被摄像头追踪,并转化成用户所见的画面。这一手套的每根手指都配备了弯曲传感器,以跟踪细微的运动。而通过压力传感器,手套也可以感应用户对物体施加的压力。   例如,这一手套可以感应用户拉住门把手、开启把手并推开门的过程,而用户将会在虚拟环境中看到这样的手掌运动。此前演示的PS VR通过索尼PS Move手柄来完成这类操作。不过相对于PS Move,这一手套将可以提供更精确的数据,以追踪手势和压力等信息。   这些专利表明,索尼目前关注的并不仅仅是虚拟现实在游戏领域的应用。索尼在专利申请中已指出,这一手套的应用并不仅限于玩游戏,还包括与显示屏上的虚拟对象进行互动,以及其他功能。   不过需要指出的是,专利申请并不意味着新产品的开发。例如,索尼曾申请过多个与PS Move体感控制有关的专利,但这些功能从未出现在真实产品中。(维金)相关的主题文章: