South African businessman politics was shouting down Zuma due to the original title: merchant intervention was shouting down Zuma due to thousands of angry people 2 days in South Africa’s administrative capital Pretoria held anti-corruption parade, called on President Zuma to step down. In the high court of South Africa at the door, the protesters pulled out "Zuma must leave" banner, the protesters marched to the office when Mr Zuma clashed with police. The South African high court judge said on the 2 day, he published a report on the abuse of power investigation report. The contents of the report is unfair relationship between Zuma and South Africa businessman Gupta family, the politics too. The report suggested that Zuma should set up a judicial commission in 30 days. Reuters said that the report was announced in October 14th, but he asked the Supreme Court do not publicly report. Zuma provoked opposition dissatisfaction, they organized anti-corruption parade. 2, Zuma suddenly through the lawyer told the high court, no longer obstruct the report. Some analysts believe that Zuma know "have no obstruction". Mr Zuma has denied improper dealings and the Gupta family. Many people believe that questioning Zuma, his close relationship with the Gupta family is the last straw that breaks the camel — as president, he no longer worthy of trust. Global editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: