Travel-and-Leisure Your visit to India will never be .plete without a sojourn in the South. South India always has a lot to offer to the travelers who .e to visit the very popular South India Tourist Places that have no dearth of allures. The places that can best be visited in South India are its fascinating trading ports, its white sandy palm fringed beaches, its tranquilizing backwaters, exotic wildlife and awe striking hill stations. Apart from these places a traveler can spend time wandering the bazaars of Fort Kochi, barging into its unique antique stores and also visiting the food joints to savor its local delicacies. A traveler will never run short of places to travel in South India, as it will as Classic as it has always remained. Rock Fort Temple An exotic Landmark, the Rock Fort Temple at Tiruchirapalli is a spectacular monument outcropped out of a massive stone rock which rises abruptly from the plain to tower over the old city. It is known to be standing tall over a million years old rock which is older than the rocks of Greenland and the Himalayas. The Rock Fort Temple .plex is an aggregate of three temples namely the Manikka Vinayka temple situated at the foot of the hill, the Uchhi Pillayar Koyil situated at the top of the hill and the Taayumaanava Koyil situated on the hill. The two most alluring features of this extraordinary temple are its 100 pillared hall and a Vimana , veiled with Gold. A visit to this temple will truly be iconic. Alleppey Backwaters A large network of canals and being one of the major centers for backwater boat trips Alleppey Backwaters where the narrow canals, rivers, lakes, lagoons and land meet are aptly named. This wonderful place where one can witness lush green paddy fields, coconut grooves and numerous boats and canoes that are the most basic means of transportation here. It distinguishes itself with prawns, mussles, pearl spot fish and other fishes. It is a scenic place with the sublime views of fishing nets, toddy tapers at work, flocks of ducks swimming around the banks, tiny birds flying across the sky and the view of the typical Kerala village houses. The trip to the Alleppey backwaters of Kerala will truly be tranquilizing. Temples in South India Temples in South India are the masterpieces of exceptional beauty and the inspiration they hold in every brick they are etched with is worth all the praise. Temples of South India are the living testimony of temple art and architecture and are marvels of their own. For all the lovers of the art, your trip to India will always remain in.plete if you miss to make a visit to the spectacular temples of South India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: