Shopping-and-Product-Reviews We may be currently in the depth of the winter chill but it is never too early to start thinking about spring and how you can reinvent your wardrobe for the .ing season. After all as an ardent gardener I start thinking about which plants I am going to plant and which vegetables I want to cultivate in the .ing year so why not think about your wardrobe in the same way. As soon as New Year is over I want to start clearing out my dull drab winter clothes and bring in some bright colours to celebrate the .ing year. Spring to me is all about bright spring colours and layering them to create a cosy yet colourful look. Just like the new shoots that start appearing in your garden green is a great colour to liven up a spring day and therefore a great one to include in your choice of clothes. Whats more green is a colour with so many marvellous shades that it is a colour that most people can wear. Brunettes look good in darker shades of green, whilst blondes look better in limes and paler shades. There are nasty rumours going round that winter is going to last for ages this year too so remember to keep your clothes on the warm side. Dress them up with pretty accessories in turquoise, lilac and yellow and dont forget the all important scarf which will protect you from the more chilly spring days as well as giving some colour and freshness to your outfit. In face a great way to go into spring without having to change your winter wardrobe too drastically is to accessorise. If you think of spring flowers such as the crocus, the daffodil and even the tulip you can give your wardrobe a wake up call with a pretty purse, pair of earrings or unique necklace. If you are not too keen on bright yellows and greens go for a lilac. Again a colour that most people can wear it goes really well with greys and blacks and always seems to look sophisticated. Pulling yourself away from the cosy colours of winter with all those luscious velvets is always going to be difficult but embrace the New Year and .e into spring with a flourish! Banish the browns and blacks to the closet for the next winter and bring in some bright spring colours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: