Sprite wine against the harm of   4 strokes teach you to buy — food channel — people.com.cn original title: Sprite wine against the harm to teach you to buy 4 strokes we tend to think that drinking wine must be against Sprite, this is the best drink. As everyone knows, the wine is a great harm to Sprite drinking, will be directly harmful to our health. In addition, if you can not save the rest of the red wine is also harmful to health, here comes a specific understanding of it. What are the hazards of wine against Sprite joined Sprite in Wine, on the one hand, the destruction of the original pure fruit Wine, on the other hand, by adding a lot of sugar and gases affect the nutrition and function of the Wine. In fact, different from other foods, alcohol in the stomach began to be absorbed, and other food is began to be absorbed into the intestine. Because Sprite is rich in carbon dioxide, can make the stomach expands quickly, increase the absorption of alcohol gastric area, gastric mucosa will accelerate the absorption of alcohol. That is to say, in the same alcohol intake, "wine + Sprite" drink not only "dilution", but will make people advance into the "drunk". Moreover, diluted by the beverage of wine, alcohol taste lighter, but let people ignore that he is drinking, will appear more drink more, drink more drunk. So, how to save the rest of the red wine? The rest of the preservation of red wine taste more and more acid, indicating that the deterioration of the slow, and the improper storage methods. In general, red wine bottle, placed in a cool ventilated place, can save up to 2 – 3 days. If you want to extend the preservation time, after opening the bottle, it should be the first to use the pump, pumping out the air in the bottle, and then back to the wood stopper bottle upright, in a cool ventilated place. Can also be a large bottle of wine into the bottle, try to fill, and then blocked bottle with a cork. This will reduce the oxygen in the bottle and slow down the oxidation time. The finished wine vial is finished as soon as possible. The best temperature for storing red wine is 10 DEG C – 15. If stored in more than 25 degrees Celsius environment, red wine will lose the delicate taste, and even more, like to drink like boiled. If the temperature is too low, Wine will expand, appear liquor overflow, the cork out phenomenon, caused by oxidation, bacteria Wine. Finally, teach you how to choose the red bar. Red wine to buy wine bottles look: look at the bottle label printing is clear? Whether the counterfeit reproduction? Bottle cap to see whether there is abnormal? Have you ever been opened? See the international bar code label on the back of the bottle it starts with 3 words, if not, it should consider. Look at the shape of the bottle: France in various regions used to hold bottles of wine, are particularly stress, different shapes. If you see no other wine bottles in the general market what is not at the same time, we must be especially careful. Look at the wine solution: see the wine color is natural? See if there is an unknown suspension on the wine? See if the wine is enough? French wine is usually just. Note: a little sediment at the bottom of the bottle is positive相关的主题文章: