Standford Curve Wrecker exclusive secret future mobile phone black technology – Sohu technology from 1973 the world’s first mobile phone was born, to 1994 IBM launched the world’s first intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone has to accompany us through 43 years! The world’s first mobile phone was launched in 1973 by the Dyna Motorola TAC 8000X. Although the big brother weighs about 1 kg, the battery can only support the call time of 30 minutes, but at the time still shocked the industry, the price of up to $3999! The world’s first smartphone IBM Simon on sale in 1994 of August 16th. This hand (Zhuan) machine (TOU) and weighs 500 grams, neither in his pockets and took the phone, take a long arm will acid. Ten years ago, who would have thought that most of the phones now have no physical buttons? Ten years after the phone, what would it look like? One hundred thousand agents (WeChat public number: shiwanmitan) back into the Curve Wrecker infested Silicon Valley’s elite Stanford University, you not hesitate for our spoilers all kinds of black technology in the future mobile phone. Look at the exclusive video?? ten years later, what do you think the phone will become? Video from the "one hundred thousand agents" (WeChat public number ID: shiwanmitan) "we will continue to produce a series of principles, we have no integrity, open the brain hole, up posture Street interviews with one hundred thousand popular video, buddy!"相关的主题文章: