Line Note7 sixth fried survey said over 7 users will not buy Samsung – the Sohu of science and Technology Beijing News (reporter Li Yuan) September 28th, someone broke the news that Samsung’s Note7 explosion in Guangxi Beihai". According to public information statistics, which is the emergence of the National Bank Note7 sixth bombing. In this regard, the Beijing News reporter contacted Samsung for the first time, Samsung said it is investigating. "Mobile phone city probation smoke" Sina micro-blog V certification users @ Beihai people do not know the Beihai online in September 28th issued a document that received micro friends broke the news, Samsung Note7 again explosion, this time in Guangxi Beihai. The incident occurred in a mobile phone city, the employees themselves in the trial, playing with the phone hot smoke, lost his hand, security immediately took the fire extinguisher". The user gives the video by. Video display, the front of the phone screen is a suspected charred traces. Beijing News reporter was unable to contact the user @ Beihai people do not know North korea. In this event, the Beijing News reporter contacted the Samsung, Samsung and other similar to the previous reply, said it is under investigation, there is no more information. Samsung insiders said there will be a response in the near future. According to public reports statistics, which is the emergence of the domestic version of the Note7 sixth. For the country before the explosion Note7 explosion, Samsung responded only the first two bombing". At that time, Samsung said it has passed the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, the quality inspection center for the product of a detailed analysis of the product is due to external heating damage. Samsung battery supplier ATL also said that the first accident in the sample was a preliminary study to determine the combustion of the Note7 and the company’s battery production is not directly related. For several accidents, Samsung aspects are not given specific response. Samsung did not predict serious harm to the accident, after Samsung had contacted the top two fried users. South Korea, Chosun Ilbo reported that Samsung recovered after the detection of these two cell phone battery traces of intentional heating outside, consumers are to defraud the vicious behavior of compensation, ready to prosecute the 2 consumers. This report caused uproar in china. Subsequently, the second bombing of the user in an interview with CCTV, said Samsung Corp did not take away the phone, saying that the other party wants to use the $10 thousand private, let it be returned to the phone. The user said he rejected Samsung’s compensation. In addition, Samsung also said publicly that a number of countries have reported Samsung Note7 spontaneous combustion event, but there may be some of the authenticity of the report to be considered. Samsung said that in 26 cases reported, since the phone did not check out any problems from the 7 cases failed to get the user contact, there are 7 cases of consumers withdrew the report of the accident, the 12. But Samsung claims that this has not been recognized by domestic users. Tencent’s data analysis agency Penguin wisdom cool recently collected nearly 20 thousand smartphone users feedback, Samsung Note7 incident triggered a crisis of confidence in the investigation. There are more than 70% of users said they would not buy Samsung mobile phones, Samsung mobile phone users than.相关的主题文章: