Steam Asian revenue soared 500% in the past two years, what happened? Not long ago, the end of the V Developers Conference, V news agency released a perfect answer to a problem that has plagued the player for a long time – the player’s money go? Over the past two years, V’s revenue in Asia soared nearly 500%. And the Asian region is still East Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Mongolia, five countries, including North Korea and Mongolia, the impact is basically negligible. We might as well take the country as an example, take a look at the rise of 500% behind what? G what is the secret behind the fat smile? V agency in the Chinese market last year, the harvest of the project launched last year, 2015 Steam data report, we had a summary of the number of Steam users. At that time, about 6 million of domestic users, accounting for of the global Steam. And when the time to enter in 2016 of March, the number of Steam users in China increased to 8 million. By May, this figure reached 10 million, accounting for of the world’s Steam users. Steam users exceeded Brazil and Germany, ranking third. Increase in the number of domestic Steam users brought the most intuitive performance is the growth of the country’s game sales. The most famous is often used as a typical R star "GTA5" as an example, according to the results of the SteamSpy website, Steam platform in the sale of "GTA5" total of more than 5 million 300 thousand copies. Divided according to the region, the United States accounted for about 20% of the first place, accounting for sales of 1 million 100 thousand copies. While China’s share of sales accounted for 12%, that is, in the domestic sales of about 630 thousand units, second only to the United states. Combined with the number of Steam users, the United States Steam users close to the domestic three times. Domestic players players purchasing power is evident. "GTA5" the second example is the recently released "Shadow Warrior 2", also in accordance with the regional division, the domestic game player accounted for 7.23% and third Canada tied together, the first and the second is the position of the United States and russia. "Shadow Warrior 2" released "6" as the issue of civilization in less than two weeks, on SteamSpy no more detailed statistical data, but we can change a point of view, the Steam store evaluation page, use evaluation about 1/3 language is Chinese. This can also be reflected from one side of the domestic players for the "civilization 6" purchase. Domestic Steam users not only from the number of millions of growth, the number of Chinese players have the game from 8 per capita, rose to the average of 11. In the past two years, Steam can really be said to be a bumper harvest in china. This two years G fat set up a chain of 2013 Dota2 national service open test, I do not know if it is not fat G conspiracy, Dota2 national service account needs to bind Steam account. Although some people criticized many domestic Steam account is more like a zombie.相关的主题文章: