Software All of us are in a fix when we figure out we have forgotten our password or the password has been inadvertently changed. We try all possible options and may even lock the account. Yahoo password recovery is a very simple procedure and there is definitely no need to panic if you have forgotten or lost your password. Follow the simple steps detailed below and you will be very well able to access your yahoo account again. Firstly, click on the link provided below the Sign in button titled I cant access my account. On clicking on the link, another screen appears and you need to select between four options. It is important to note that three of these options are identical. The options My password does not work, I forgot my password, or My account may have been .promised have the same series of steps to be followed. Only the option I forgot my Yahoo ID results in a distinct set of options. For yahoo password recovery, whether your account has been hacked by someone or you have forgotten your password, you need to choose any one of the above mentioned three options and then click on the next button. This will take you to another page wherein you will need to fill a captcha code and your email id. Type in your email id and type in the text in the box that says enter the code. Click Next. In case, during signup you registered an alternative email id, you may request them to send a password recovery mail to that id. The email will contain a link wherein you can update your password; however the link will only be valid for 24 hours so .plete the procedure immediately. It is possible that you never provided an alternate email id during sign up, or you do not access that id any more. In such a case, choose I cant access any of the above and then choose next. This option will require that you give the right answers to both the security questions, which you answered during signup. Please note, the original spelling and punctuation alone will help in your yahoo password recovery . Hopefully by now you would have recovered your yahoo password. However, if you neither have another email id as well as have no idea of the answer you typed for the security questions, you need to click on the help button on the yahoo login page. The left side of the page will have a list of questions and answers. Below the question Question not answered here there is a link which says Try sign-in-help. This will lead you to another page having the link Yahoo! Sign in & Registration Help Form. You will need to provide your personal information and you can send an email to Yahoo staff. On explaining all details, you may receive a reply resetting your password. In case this does not work, the only ways out will be to create a new email address and inform friends and colleagues. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: