Stock index opened 0.02% two barrels of oil gainers Phoenix finance news September 9th 9:25, Friday morning, the stock index opened at 3095.43 points, down 0.02%. The Shenzhen component index opened at 10855.29 points, up 0.04%. Gem opened at 2223.58 points, flat open.   plate area, the Hangzhou Asian Games, two barrels of oil concept today continued strong; second shares also have a good performance; glyphosate, gold and other stocks in the top. Figure 1. An important event in & data [September 2nd week EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly reduced 14 million 513 thousand barrels, the highest since January 1999, the biggest weekly decline] EIA gasoline inventories -421 million barrels, a decline since April 1, 2015; EIA +338.2 million barrels of refined oil inventories, with the highest record in July 13th. Customs: China 1-8 month crude oil imports 2.5 tons, an increase of 13.5% [] refined oil imports of 19 million 570 thousand tons. [for Capesize rates continued to surge, Baltic Exchange Dry Index (BDI) continuous jump] by the end of September 7th, the BDI index at 773 points, a record high this year, last month rose more than 20%. Crude oil transportation index BDTI from August began to stabilize rebound in September 7 daily reported 537 points, monthly gain is close to 10%. [Hongkong RMB overnight interbank interest rates (Hibor) jumped 388 basis points to 5.45%, hit its highest level in February] one week interest rates rose 210 basis points to 4.06%; 3 months interest rates rose 38 basis points to 3.29%. BOC Hongkong: Hongkong CNH interest rates rise or large capital flows in the mainland due to customer demand. [the United States in September 3rd when the first week jobless claims 259 thousand, a record low since July 16th, 265 thousand expected, the former value of 263 thousand] the United States in August 27th when the week continued jobless 2 million 144 thousand, expected 2 million 151 thousand, before the correction value of 2 million 159 thousand to 2 million 151 thousand. The European Central Bank is expected to: [2016 1.7%] previous euro area GDP growth in June is expected to 1.6%, in 2017 1.6%; the unemployment rate in 2016 10.1%, 2017 9.9%; 2016 inflation rate of 0.2% in 2017 1.2%; 2016 oil prices to $42.8 a barrel in 2017 to $47.4 a barrel in 2016, 2017, 2018; the euro dollar exchange rate 1.11. Two. International: [U.S.] stocks fell collective. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 46.23 points, or 0.25%, at 18479.91 points. The S & P 500 index fell 4.86 points, or 0.22%, at 2181.30 points. The Nasdaq composite index fell 24.44 points, or 0.46%, at 5259.48 points. European shares] the three major European stock index varies. The FTSE 100 index closed up 0.18% at 6858.70 points; the German DAX 30 index ended down 0.72% at 10675.29 points;相关的主题文章: