Megamerger is not wrong, TOYOTA touts a car racing in October 12, 2016 – Allied Sohu Dongyang important news, TOYOTA TOYOTA and SUZUKI SUZUKI officially announced, automobile manufacturing partners will become. The news that the Japanese auto giant two cooperation will begin with the field of small cars, which will help the two carmakers to solve problems encountered in the development of their own, with high price competitiveness of the vehicle, this is important for small car models. In order to comply with the trend of the times, two Japanese auto maker SUZUKI SUZUKI and TOYOTA TOYOTA, are actively negotiate business cooperation. Beginning in recent years is a hitherto unknown speed rapid change to establish relations of cooperation environment for automobile industry from small cars. In order to adapt to the trend of the times, enhance the competitiveness of products, the Japanese auto giant TOYOTA two TOYOTA cars and SUZUKI SUZUKI, are actively negotiate business cooperation, hope that through the industry alliance, strengthen environmental protection, safety, and high-tech equipment and other aspects of development, improvement of existing product supply chain. For small cars, the price is very important to maintain high competitiveness. (figure for the TOYOTA Prius) for example, in the active and passive safety equipment and man-machine interface development and other fields, the TOYOTA car factory invested a lot of resources, although the performance is outstanding in each car factory building, but in the face of the European and North American car factory between alliance and cross brand standardization production line, TOYOTA felt huge the pressure in terms of cost; and SUZUKI car prices have lasted in the competition, but in the engine, equipped with high-tech and other new technology research and development, SUZUKI car factory to keep up with the leading pace. Through the technical exchanges between the two major factories and the production line alliance, to learn the advantages of the shortcomings, the establishment of a new standardized supply chain, will help to improve the problems faced by the car factory. Through business cooperation, will help two car factory to solve their problems. (for SUZUKI Swift) TOYOTA, SUZUKI executives said the case for sure this cooperation two depots cooperation alliance, the current chairman of TOYOTA TOYOTA CEO Akiotoyoda and SUZUKI SUZUKI SUZUKI automobile repair, are said to see the. As both the most senior level, TOYOTA TOYOTA President Akiotoyoda (left) and chairman of SUZUKI SUZUKI Suzuki Shu (right), the lens of history together, will directly affect the future trend of Japanese automobile industry. Akiotoyoda: the rapid changes in the automotive industry environment, companies need to have the ability to respond to change. In addition to their own research and development, the more important thing is to find a partner with the same goals and enthusiasm. TOYOTA has opened the door to find new opportunities for cooperation, continuously improve this will contribute to the process of automobile. SUZUKI repair: TOYOTA has been leading the industry, to give consumers a reliable feeling, and actively engaged in a variety of advanced, future technology research and development. I am very grateful to SUZUKI and TOYOTA cooperation, look forward to the future, and thanks to TOYOTA President Akiotoyoda also expressed interest in this cooperation case. Although formal alliance, in their respective areas of the product, the two car manufacturers will still be in a fair and equitable way to compete with each other. In addition, TOYOTA N相关的主题文章: