Sweep "travel chaos" tourists "smile" – Chongqing windows — people.com.cn National Day is approaching, want to relax and even suck. From the visitors encounter illegal tour midway because of dissatisfaction with the premium was slapped to the Mount Jiuhua in Beijing, sham staff hailed the more close sell expensive incense, holidays, all kinds of travel chaos more again. While in Beijing this "illegal Tour event, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Tourism Commission has recently issued a notice: five suspects have been arrested. "City image" and "travel chaos" contrast, tourism demand and tourism people’s growing ability to supply more gap. When public opinion focus Tucao Qingdao, Harbin astronomical astronomical shrimp "fish", "Beijing illegal Tour", it is a refraction change: the needs of the development of tourism is not worse, but people need to swim better and more comfortable. In 2015, China’s domestic tourism outbound tourism exceeded 4 billion passengers, 120 million passengers, both at domestic tourism, outbound tourism trips or foreign tourism consumption, China have is the first large tourism market. However, a lot of friends around because of dissatisfaction with the travel experience, have been squeezed out of the domestic market, competing to go abroad attractions. There is also a tension thrust, but if the domestic tourism market bad money drives out good money, not to supply good quality services, so our tourism market for domestic and foreign tourists attraction will decline, domestic tourists will be more "overflow". The rule of law has become a social consensus, tourism development is inseparable from the rule of law. Tourism market transactions are a "game", the stranger attribute is very strong, it is difficult to identify the transaction in advance, after investigation of trouble, moral risk is high, therefore, need more detailed specification, more powerful constraints. In 2013, the "tourism law" the promulgation of the tourism industry really run fast on the orbit of the rule of law, and the National Tourism Administration for cheap travel also introduced the "crackdown on" unreasonable low price tour "opinions", but the law itself will not "attack", to let the law fall start, let the law enforcement better move power. In addition, from the illegal cost, at present a lot of punishment would be "have the punishment exceed the crime". Beijing on the related illegal tour travel agency fined 10 thousand yuan, it seems difficult to compensate for the negative effects caused by it to the city, more difficult to form a deterrent to other "black brokers". Therefore, the current is particularly necessary to increase the various types of travel chaos "punish strength and efforts to disrupt the market, kengmeng decoy, qiangmaiqiangmai illegal who dare not step back. Activation of tourism, will undoubtedly help to enhance the cultural soft power of a city, a country, but the role of force is mutual. How do we deal with the tourism industry, will harvest what kind of tourism. Obviously, twenty or thirty years, the domestic tourist attractions sell almost no big change, or the sword fish or fish, the sword, the lack of creative cultural promotion. From this perspective, the domestic tourism industry, there are too many "backward production capacity" should be eliminated, there are too many things need to be corrected, and too much value remains to be developed. More than and 600 year old Beijing the Imperial Palace to become the new "net red"相关的主题文章: