Taiwan 3000 people took to the streets to protest the cut 7 days statutory holidays – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the Taiwan authorities cut against the 7 day holiday, about 3000 25 people took to the streets and surrounded by the Taiwan legislature threatened to protest, regardless of their occupation of Taiwan requirements 1 annual leave to 123 days, two days weekend draft law "returned to the Committee and held public hearings. Taiwan Legislative Council Social Welfare and health commission 5, the first trial by the Labor Standards Act Amendment Bill (week off two draft), triggering controversy. On the 25 day from all walks of life in Taiwan trade unions and labor groups and people call for about 3000 people from the point of view of the Democratic Progressive Party, is expected to go to the legislature to protest. Labor groups "123 union" said the parade to the legislature, the legislature will encircle the action, the parties to the legislative position, advocate legislative parties should clearly respond against delete 7 statutory holidays, rather than accept the management group of interest exchange. "123 union" said the parade appeals include regardless of their occupation in Taiwan for 1 years to leave 123 days, two days a week to repair the draft law review and return to the Commission held a public hearing by the state capital and labor, and expand from all walks of life to participate in the discussion.相关的主题文章: