Taiwan administrative agencies responsible for the address was not containment Beijing September new network restructuring team – 14 according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan legislature session 13 days of discussion, the administrative agency responsible person Lin Quan address in the "internal and external pressures under the floor was surrounded by the KMT legislator a folk group protest petition. Lin Quan reported the first heavy economic development, stressed that the team will be innovation, employment and distribution, the three principles to guide the new economic direction and the overall development of Taiwan model. According to reports, the cross-strait policy, "said only to maintain the status quo" as the core concept, related to the length of only 176 words, that will improve the consultation and the rule of law, the establishment of "predictable and sustainable" cross-strait relations. Reported that all recent situation is difficult, there are "green" in a big muzzle, opposition party and civil society one after another protest petition. In the face of Kuomintang "lawmaker" request "administrative reshuffle" sound, Lin said on the 13, the administrative team personnel can be reviewed at any time, but there is no reorganization; as for the "independence big brother publicly named Lin his resignation, Lin Quanjin responded, everyone has different views on public affairs. Address all the forest is divided into six parts, including accelerating industrial upgrading, improve social stability, enhance public network construction quality, strengthening government efficiency, Houzhi cultural connotation and promotion of self defense education etc.. The economic part of most, including industrial restructuring, retention and deregulation of financial legal system in order to promote the recruitment life industry etc.. All in the report also mentioned the "self defense", said the future will be in the aerospace industry, ship industry and information security industry as the three major focus.相关的主题文章: