The Taiwan authorities lifted the Japanese nuclear disaster food the first wave of the fastest next year on the original title: Taiwan authorities lifted the Japanese nuclear disaster food the first wave of the fastest next year on the road in the new network on 11 November, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Taiwan ‘Fukushima 5 counties can transport food to open 6 calls. Taiwan authorities administration deputy executive food security office long and the vice chairman of the Council of agriculture Chen Jizhong said, the first wave of opening the fastest next year, Japan required double certificate, and took the side of the border by batch sampling, but excluding the fukushima. Taiwan up to 10 on the Japanese nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture and neighboring Ibaraki County, Tochigi, Gunma Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture and other places of food is open input, put forward 6 points to 3 points before the appeal, including the public "risk" management information, food radiation test data, test data and background the value of food imported from japan. Chen Jizhong told reporters that Japan’s radiation 42 other counties food testing data has been open has been included in the risk related department will control information, and the announcement of the official website of the Council of Agriculture Fisheries Department and the Ministry of health and welfare food and medicine department; 5 Fukushima County food not open input, so there is no testing data. Published about the background value, he said, I hope that is what ‘more specific to the origin of what food data, establish content. He added that the plan is divided into two stages to open the Japanese food input, is for the 9 kinds of food is now banned Fukushima and other 5 counties, namely, fresh chilled, frozen, live Vegetable & Fruit Vegetable & Fruit fresh frozen aquatic products, frozen aquatic products, dairy products, infant food, mineral water or drinking water, seaweed, tea. He further explained that the first stage is to open 7 categories of 9 kinds of food outside Fukushima Prefecture adjacent 4 counties produced in local and other 2 kinds of products, and not to open the 2 kinds of aquatic products, tea and baby milk and water, are not included in the 9 categories of food transport in Fukushima Prefecture taiwan. The foundation fourth calls, the Taiwan authorities hope to illustrate the content of the first and two stage open. Chen Jizhong said, the first phase will be on trial for 6 months, and during the operation process, the fastest next year about the road, Japan must propose the inspection certificate and certificate of origin, Taiwan border and batch inspection. He also said that the second stage to do evaluation and planning as the first stage of open, open the view contains the first stage of the new import batch testing results, did not perform the first stage, so that the second phase of the content is not. The discussion about the foundation, require the disclosure of risk regulation policies of Chen Jizhong said, "the meeting" will be held next week to test session, "food safety office" will be invited to attend the foundation. Finally the foundation to implement the requirements of border inspection and enforcement of human. Chen Jizhong said that the border inspection batch by batch sampling, the practice can be executed with the existing human, is the need to expand the sampling inspection of energy, "will" assess enough. Chen Jizhong stressed that Taiwan on the Fukushima county and neighboring counties of the 4 food input control, no more than 20 international loose; in Europe, including China, has agreed to require radiation inspection or certificate of origin can be put forward after the input, the majority of food left Taiwan with the mainland is not open. Responsible editor: Chen 5相关的主题文章: