Taiwan media said, built in two "the most advanced nuclear submarine: two years after launching in October 27, 2013, Chinese strategic missile submarines Pibozhanlang (photo). Original title: Xinhua news agency, Taiwan media said in the construction of two "most advanced" nuclear submarine: two years after launching Reference News Network reported on October 24th   Taiwan media said the mainland is building the most advanced submarine, type 095 grade and 096 grade Sui Tang, the two submarine is completed, will pose a great threat to the United states. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, October, the 22 Daily reported that the Hongkong military expert Liang Guoliang to the Central News Agency reporter confirmed that these two new submarines are under construction, I believe it will be launched two years later. He said, Sui class nuclear attack submarine, Tang class strategic nuclear submarines, they can pose a great threat to the United States, the reason is technical indicators the two submarine is very high. Liang Guoliang said, in simple terms, technical index of Sui class submarines at least as U.S. Virginia class nuclear attack submarine, Tang level than the United States Ohio class strategic nuclear submarine has been exceeded. According to the analysis, the technical index is high, reflected in the high power reactor technology, large diameter shell manufacturing technology, sonar monitoring technology and submarine mute technology. In addition, a range of 15 thousand km of waves -3 submarine launched intercontinental ballistic missiles has been successfully developed a solid foundation for the construction of the Sui and Tang class submarine lay. Liang Guoliang said that the two submarine is Liaoning Huludao Bohai shipyard, the new plant here can also build two nuclear submarines, every two years can produce two to three. According to the analysis, the Sui and Tang level can be regarded as the four generation class submarines, the Tang class construction goal is in the next 30 years to ensure the technology is still in the world. Reported that the specific performance, Sui class submarines will break the traditional one, instead of the single shell design, and the single shell wet surface area is small, small navigation resistance, low noise. The submarine will also be equipped with the fourth generation of high power reactors, the use of water jet propulsion technology, underwater maximum speed up to 35. It is said that from the above indicators, Sui level is designed for hunting nuclear powered aircraft carrier, nuclear submarine designed underwater hunter". In terms of weapons, the front has 6 Sui class submarine with 533 mm heavy torpedo tube, equipped with the most advanced -11, fish torpedo. It is said that the fish -11 is quite advanced, the wake homing guidance attack. Sui class submarines and 8 missile vertical launching tube, can launch anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles to counter enemy anti submarine forces attack. Tang class strategic nuclear submarine also uses a single shell design, with 12 meters of large diameter shell, grade two level than the Sui Dynasty (2 meters). Tang class equipped with 16 missile launchers, and the previous summer and only 12 upgrades, it can be equipped with 16 waves -3 or wave -3A submarine launched intercontinental missile. A -3 with 2.78 meters in diameter grain of Dongfeng -41 intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine may be the type of Dongfeng -41, American power is more powerful than the Trident -2 2.2 meter diameter. So, it is 13 meters long, is the same warhead, -3 wave range than the Trident -2 further, allegedly can reach 15 thousand kilometers, is the world’s longest range.相关的主题文章: