Tan Tianxing meets with the Secretary General of the association of Chinese collectors – best trick rainbow news agency of the new network in Beijing on 26 August, (Zhang Yunyun) Tan Tianxing, deputy director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the 25 met in Beijing, the Chinese American collectors association secretary general Zhao Sihong line. Best trick rainbow introduced in the United States collect donations of cultural relics, and donated in 1945 published in the United States and overseas Chinese to "Atlas of geographical dictionary" (Collier’s World Atlasand Gazetteer) and Mr. Sun Zhongshan signed letters, and other cultural relics. Tan Tianxing thanked the best trick rainbow over the years for the country to donate precious cultural relics act. He pointed out that the return of cultural relics have good educational significance to the world, especially with the South China Sea belongs to China territory of the United States Historical Atlas, Facts speak louder than words., one thousand stories, as real evidence shows. He hopes that more people can see these artifacts, and overseas Chinese to carry forward the patriotic spirit, Mr. Sun Zhongshan worked together on the national unity and national revitalization of ambition. It is reported that the 1945 version of the "Atlas and geographical dictionary", is by the authority of the U.S. map publisher Rand Mcnally (Rand McNally), drawing, through the old map publishing company P.FCOLLIE & SONCORPORATION responsible for the publication. It clearly "Paracel Islands" included in the territory of china. Rand Mcnally is an authoritative publishing company in the United States, founded in 1856. The company has an authoritative position in the map, the map drawn in the government and the military are used. Best trick rainbow lady is the Secretary of the Chinese collectors association, Chinese American literary columnist, native of Guangdong in the South China Sea, the United States in 1980s. Since 2004, rainbow recruit thinking team has donated a total of more than 5 thousand pieces of cultural relics, these relics include National Museum, entered the capital museum, more than and 30 Museum China. (end)相关的主题文章: