Terrible! Open shell packed all this stuff like attention now is the time to eat crab, crab should pay attention to what you know? First we look at recent events in Wuhan citizens Chen happened, he always have a fever, chest tightness, chest also appeared serious effusion, the doctor after chest puncture, found a large number of parasite eggs. Last year, Chen has a large number of edible and Liquor-Soaked Crabs zuixia, not cooked food, if the eggs develop into worms can cause necrosis in vivo. After leg open shell, suddenly found a lot of insects and eggs. Functional departments said that this thing is a case, does not rule out cooking techniques, leading to the king crab feces and the parasites inside did not clean up. So we must pay attention to the crab, should be cooked thoroughly, the crab’s body, gills and gastrointestinal tract was full of all kinds of bacteria and sludge, because some people will not wash clean cooking crab, through, or Liquor-Soaked Crabs by eating raw or pickled crab, the crab bacteria or parasites to eat, how can don’t get sick? Steamed cooked before eating will not have this problem. And remember, crab dying or dead, group oxygen acid in the body will be generated by the decomposition of histamine and histamine as a toxic substance, even if the crab is cooked, this toxin is not easy to be damaged, people eat the crab, serious or even life-threatening diarrhea more than.相关的主题文章: