That’s it. Hammer T3 conference time and place are Sohu digital mobile phone Chinese [news] watched the first half of 2016 has gone, the second half of the year to September, hammer T3 still has yet to release a variety of "industry conference postponed" hearsay is more than once was a fierce. But don’t worry, hammer fans are anxious. Fortunately, recently, Luo Yonghao himself said, to all the hammer powder reassures, hammer T3 release time and place are clear. Hammer science and technology soul Luo Yonghao confirmed two points, one of the most unlikely venue in Beijing, two is not released until December so late. Since Luo said so, people would not have to wait for the market in the special comic can make groundless accusations. And combined with the previous spy photos, hammer T3 design of the biggest change is the Home key, strip into a circle. In addition, the configuration is also soaring, will be equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor. Luo the latest micro-blog mentioned in the "battery of the ultimate solution", the hammer T2 should be gone, after all, Luo said that next year is clear "products."相关的主题文章: