The 17 year old young girl of 23 years old brain donated heart heart rescued – Sohu and Zhongshan University Professor Daniel news Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital song (right) 17 year old brain unfortunate young brain death, but is willing to donate the heart, saved 23 year-old young girl daniel. Recently, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital in Guangdong, Zhongshan University announced the successful completion of the hospital’s first heart transplant surgery. In September 12th, the reporter saw just completed a heart transplant 11 day Daniel in the hospital. Her face was ruddy, hearty laughter, it is hard to imagine that 11 days ago she also rely on machines to keep breathing and heartbeat in vitro. At present, she has passed the dangerous period, in the future only need to take anti rejection drugs for a long time to maintain a good body can resume work, and even get married and have children. The 23 year old Daniel from Jiangmen, his mother died, his father and brother live together. Two years ago, she had just graduated from college to do clerical activities, often feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, in attending the Guangdong hospital, finally diagnosed as dilated cardiomyopathy, and the situation is getting worse, the heart must be. In August 24th, Daniel appeared serious arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, after timely rescue eventually recovers heart beating, but subject to death. The panel discussed the use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to support blood circulation and maintain life." Professor Sun Yixian, director of cardiac surgery at Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University, professor explained that ECMO is used to replace the patient’s lungs and heart with the machine, the machine to help patients breathe, beating heart. This means that within a few days of ECMO’s support, the patient must find a heart that is suitable for transplantation, "but none of us knows when it will have the right heart". In August 31st, the news that a 17 year old boy in three days of brain death after brain tumor operation, are willing to donate their organs. "So clever, he is the same blood type O with Daniel, blood type, heart size, height and weight are matched, transplantation conditions are in conformity with the." Vice president of the hospital, deputy director of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery professor Liu Chao said. The boy’s parents will take the time to set the organ at 19:55 on September 1st, this is the time when the boy was born. 20:45, heart surgery began. The operation on the second day at 5 in the morning until the end of the new heart finally in Daniel intrathoracic joyfully beating, the operation was a success. According to the "information times"相关的主题文章: