The 20 is not the conventional concept of aircraft fuselage has special design – Sohu military channel page first: F 20 alleged non conventional fighter concept [Abstract] according to the American media reported that annihilates -20 may not in the traditional sense of the fighter, but a specially designed aircraft, designed to fight the United States in the Asia Pacific the ability to project military power, is a part of the implementation of China anti access and area denial strategy. The -20 has many special design, such as aircraft nose below the fuselage is equipped with a photoelectric aiming system, great, but the wing is relatively small. September 2013 officially navigable Aden Daocheng Airport, is the world’s highest altitude airport, 4411 meters above sea level. The airport has a 4200 m long, 45 meters wide runway, as well as the construction area of about 5000 square meters of the terminal. The 20 fighter stealth fighter appeared in the world’s highest airport again sizzling recently "the 20 fighters have served the topic. Pictured f -20 roared. According to the U.S. national interest magazine, the United States, Russia and China have a common point, that is all in the world’s most advanced fighter. The fifth generation of fighter jets in the three countries may be in the world for decades to come. However, people really want to know the United States F-22, Russia’s T-50 and Chinese f -20 what are the advantages and disadvantages. T-50 and f -20 can beat F-22? Although the struggle between them may appear in the Third World War, but it is important for the United States to understand the advantages and disadvantages of F-22 compared to the other two aircraft. "National interest" Journal of military analysts David Majumdar analyzed this. F-22 stealth ability is more powerful in the dominance of F-22 T-50 has been in the U.S. Air Force for more than 10 years. Although media reports say F-22 is the world’s most capable fighter aircraft, but its actual combat experience is not rich, only two years ago to participate in military operations in Syria and iraq. The designers had hoped that F-22 could be used to destroy the Soviet Union’s fighter group, or to break through the enemy’s air defense system. But this goal has not been achieved. In most military missions, F-22 has become a flying platform with a sensor system. Extended reading: British media: the 20 Russian engines are not up to the standard of WS-15 20 fighters to Chinese highest domestic airport flight from roared overhead (Figure) page second: body with multiple design according to the special China and Western media reports, the -20 research work has entered the small batch production stage. In January 11, 2011, the first prototype appeared in front of people. Subsequently, Chinese also produced another 7 prototype. According to reports, due to the progress of test speed is very fast, the first production aircraft will be composed of the first squadron annihilates -20 in 2017. Data figure: domestic fourth generation heavy stealth fighter flight picture -20. However, the day when F-22 meets his opponent will eventually come. Russia and China are.相关的主题文章: