The 4 Tianyi haze illusion you think "safe" is very dangerous! – Sohu winter comes, not far from the haze. Haze not only affect our health, but also affect our lives, especially traffic safety. Today, we talk about the fog and haze driving attention. Encountered fog and haze, how should we avoid accidents? An illusion: width in the fog and haze, fog has the effect can not be ignored, before going out, we must check the fog lights, double flash etc. can work normally, if it does not work, try not to drive on the road. If the front lamp has a light, it is easy to be mistaken for a motorcycle accident! Case: in the morning a haze day together in early November of last year, due to poor condition created by the traffic accident in Ji’nan the Yellow River dam. At that time, the driver drove a van traveling from north to south, due to the van before the headlights of a bad, far to see, the van gives people the feeling is like a motorcycle. At this time, a rider across the back of the van as a motorcycle, no advance aside to let the fog, the van driver did not see the rider. Especially haze days, non motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians is exposed to the air in a hurry, prone to impatience, and the line of sight is not good, easy car accident hurt. In this case, a motor vehicle driver should avoid driving, if must drive, it is particularly important to check the condition before driving. Two: the illusion distance usually is most likely to prevent accidents, but in the haze days, because the line of sight is not good, the most prone to traffic accidents. Do you think the other car far away from you, but that’s just your "illusion", driving in fog or other adverse weather conditions, to prevent the occurrence of accident, the most important is a word "slow". Not only to reduce the speed drive slow, brake to "slow", to avoid collision. Case: a crash occurred in the overpass last year, the reason is to in front of the vehicle brake too fast too fast is closely related. At that time driving in front of the driver of the car is a woman, when traveling to the top of the bridge, worried that their vehicles will be out of the ground as a result of the car too fast, suddenly stepped on the brakes. The car hit the back of the car, has been hit by the bridge to stop it. Fortunately, when the vehicle is not much, did not happen again the impact of traffic accident, or the driver will have life risk. Three: illusion magic "mist" often driving old drivers often have this experience, autumn and winter passing near the Lake Road, easy to meet strange "mist", a group group, like a floating balloon, sometimes not, fairyland feeling there. According to reports, the "fog" in general, a larger temperature difference between day and night wind in the morning, sometimes in the evening will occur. So, winter driving, especially in the morning train, thought to have fully prepared. At present, it is the "fog" of the multi season, in fact, "fog" is a kind of civil radiation fog, is part of the water vapor caused by radiation cooling, known as the "road killer" system相关的主题文章: