The 8 year old married Aaron Kwok: Wedding circle who are sincere congratulations – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, artist Xiong Dailin and Hongkong king Aaron Kwok had been dating for 8 years, after the break and businessman Guo song love, 27 days after micro-blog announced that "we are married!" Surprise everyone; 26, Aaron Kwok was just born on the birthday of the former girlfriend, the former girlfriend to choose his birthday in the next day to get married, he attended the event on the 29 day, said: "I sincerely congratulate you on!" Aaron Kwok and Xiong Dailin in 8 years of foreign exchanges, never love, the love of two people like "open secret", broke up in 2013 after the two sides for emotional attitude turn, not only with their partners and flash, Xiong Dailin is on the 27 day of lightning announced become a wife! It happened that the 26 day is Guo birthday, for ex girlfriend’s wedding, he attended the 29 events when lightly responded: "no matter who within the circle of a wedding, I will be sincere congratulations, so simple." As for the small and 23 year old Fang Yuan’s relationship is also young model quickly bear fruit? Aaron Kwok did not want to talk about, "I think at work are colorful, share a lot, thank you for caring for me, as for private life, the feelings of the world, I hope the low-key." Although it has been fifty years old, still think about married early, at present or in the cause.相关的主题文章: