85 year old 18   street in Xiamen; in McDonald’s love to see the newspaper channel — people.com.cn original title: 85 years old 18 years wandering in Xiamen at McDonald’s favorite newspapers neatly dressed, refined manners, Ren Shuxue carefully put tofu half, pick up a block in a Rice porridge eat. He smiled at reporters and said, "you can really pick it. These dishes are very good for me." This scene took place at McDonald’s. Surprisingly, Ren Shuxue is 85 years old this year, has been wandering in Xiamen for 18 years, had no contact with family, friends do not want to disturb. He answered softly, "I’m so fine now, living a day, happy day."." What has happened to this peaceful old man? At McDonald’s favorite newspaper in 1996, Ren Shuxue old man with simple travelling bag, run away. From the hometown of Liaoning all the way south, came to Xiamen. "I worked at a tea house to help clean up." By doing odd jobs and picking up trash, he was able to earn a little bit of money and not starve himself. Since there are family members, why not contact with family? Reporters puzzled, let him suddenly wrinkled eyebrows. His face was crossed, and his words could not be said. He said, "children are not filial, and they don’t want to contact them."." For his family, he refused to speak more and would not go to the rescue station. During the day, the old people would wander around, sometimes to the library, sometimes to the museum. At night, it will open 24 hours McDonald’s and kfc. "When you need a bath, go to the temple."." He’s wearing a watch with his right hand. On the table, "Reference News" and glasses. He told reporters that reading newspapers was his only hobby, and he liked to read Schopenhauer’s books. "Recently, he has pined away, probably because he’s starving and staying up." In McDonald’s Poly Thai shop Xiao Wu told reporters, there are often some tramp night accommodation, but generally only appeared one or two times, as he is stay for the longest time, an estimated half a year. Little Wu Yue, the old man never begged for dinner guests, never brought garbage into the restaurant, sober minded, so his colleagues impressed him very deeply. The night wore on, the reporter asked: "are you hungry? What would you like to eat?" Grandpa just wanted a bowl of porridge. Reporters with porridge, pickles, tofu, fried dough sticks, boiled eggs back to McDonald’s, the old man shook his head and whispered: "children are not so filial piety."." Optimistic attitude, thanks to the good people around me "I seem to have a stroke, joints often hurt badly."." The old man pulled out two white plastic bags, all containing drugs. He said, "every time a joint hurts, he eats it.". Now, the medicine is almost finished. He went to several drugstores and didn’t buy them. The old man’s body is not as good as before, can no longer do odd jobs, pick up garbage, eating has become a problem. On Wednesday, Ms. Yan went to work near lotus Bay, met with her friends and had dinner at McDonald’s.. "I saw the grandfather on the table, someone else’s leftovers, from this table to that table." Ms. Yan worried that he couldn’t eat enough, so he led his friend to eat northwest ramen. "He was very polite, ordered a small ramen, without meat."." Ms. Yan recalls the old man 85岁老人在厦流浪18年 夜宿麦当劳最爱看报纸–福建频道–人民网 原标题:85岁老人在厦流浪18年 夜宿麦当劳最爱看报纸   衣着整齐、举止儒雅,任树学小心翼翼地把豆腐对半分,夹起一块,就着一口稀饭吃。他微笑着对记者说:“你真会挑,这些菜很合我的口味。”   这一幕,发生在麦当劳聚泰店。令人意想不到的是,今年85岁的任树学,已经在厦门流浪18年,不曾与家人联系,不愿打扰朋友。他淡淡地回答:“我现在这样挺好,活着一天,快乐一天。”这位祥和的老人,究竟经历了什么?   夜宿麦当劳最爱看报纸   1996年,任树学老人带上简单的行囊,离家出走了。从老家辽宁一路向南,来到厦门。“我在茶馆打过工,帮忙打扫卫生。”靠着打零工、捡垃圾,他勉强能够挣点小钱,不至于挨饿。   既然有家人,为何不与家人联系呢?记者的疑惑,让他一下子皱起了眉头。他侧过脸,语不成句,只是说:“儿女不孝顺啊,不想联系他们。”对于家人,他不愿多说,也不愿到救助站去。   白天,老人家会到处闲逛,有时去图书馆,有时去博物馆。晚上,则夜宿24小时营业的麦当劳、肯德基。“需要洗澡的时候,就到寺庙去。”他的右手,还戴着一只手表。桌上,摆着《参考消息》和眼镜。他告诉记者,看报纸是他唯一的爱好,他还喜欢看叔本华的书。   “最近看他憔悴了不少,可能因为挨饿、熬夜吧。”在麦当劳聚泰店上班的小吴告诉记者,常有一些流浪汉夜宿店里,但一般只出现一两次,任老爷子是呆得最久的,估计有大半年。小吴说,老人家从不向用餐的客人乞讨,从没有带着垃圾进餐厅,头脑清醒,因此同事对他的印象很深刻。   夜色渐浓,记者问:“饿吗?想吃点什么?”任爷爷只想要一碗粥。记者提着粥、咸菜、豆腐、油条、水煮蛋回到麦当劳,老人家边摇头边呢喃:“儿女都没这么孝顺啊。”   心态乐观感谢身边好人   “我好像有点中风了,关节经常疼得厉害。”老人家掏出两个白色塑料袋,里面装的都是药。他无奈地说,每次关节一痛,他就吃这种药。如今,药快吃完了。他走了好几家药店,都没买到。老人家的身体已大不如前,不能再打零工、捡垃圾,吃饭也成了问题。   本周三,严女士到莲坂附近办事,和朋友相约在麦当劳吃饭。“我看到那位爷爷在翻桌上别人吃剩的东西,从这一桌到那一桌。”严女士担心他吃不饱,于是和朋友领着任爷爷去吃西北拉面。“他很客气,点了小份拉面,不加肉。”严女士回忆,老人家看到菜单上写着“13元”,嫌太贵了。天气转凉,严女士担心他会冷,还特地交代朋友第二天带着外套去麦当劳,结果没遇上。   老爷子笑了,为厦门人的友善竖起大拇指。“我很喜欢厦门,这也是我在这里呆了这么久的原因。”他说他很庆幸,流浪的日子遇到了不少好心人,有不少厦门人向他伸出援手。   临走前,记者买了一份《参考消息》给老人家,他开心得像孩子一样,笑眯眯地说:“想得真周到。”   (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章: