Winter beauty should not be like the Dior LAMY Clinique BNT News – Sohu has a full range of skin care, beauty products of the dresser is the dream of all women. But, compared to the full dresser, we should look at the make-up stage, "what kind of products."". Especially in the dry winter, the purchase of cosmetics should be more detailed checks. In order to effectively combat the dry winter, need beauty artifact by WidePlus keep skin dresser. Who says that the winter can not be free beauty makeup? The following will introduce you to create winter skin moist tender muscle star products. MAKEUP TIP winter makeup is still water TIP, if you want to effectively improve dry skin in winter, you might as well do makeup on well-being. For facial painting foundation, and then smearing beautiful lipstick, give the skin vitality. Apply 1~2 to create a refreshing mascara, eye makeup. Since then, hair style has been combined with beauty, a high standard of beauty should be perfect hair style foil. Especially in the dry winter season, the hair becomes more dry, easy to bifurcation, recommend the use of skin lotion and oil products to protect our gradually dry hair. HAIR ITEM (LAMY COSMETICS) luomei cosmetics’ s Broomstick Hair Witch’s Witch nutrition Broomstick conditioner in camellia oil, mistletoe extract rich, have excellent moisturizing effect. It can return the elasticity and lubrication to the hair which is gradually becoming dull because of the cold and windy weather in winter. Witch’s Broomstick essential oil is a non viscous, refreshing skin care essential oil product. Ingredients: rich in jojoba seed oil, high nutrition, adequate nutrition for the hair shiny and elastic. Faint scent lasting effective, to avoid the long time and the smell of trouble. Two products are used together to help the hair to be more supple, bright and elastic. LIP ITEM Dior (Dior) Rouge Baume use lipstick, can effectively give the skin vitality. If the makeup is short of lipstick, it will be as ordinary as "Su Yan". In order to create bright skin, it is recommended to use bright lipstick to create vivid makeup. Dior (Dior) Rouge Baume contains the essence of ingredients, can effectively give lip elasticity, protect lips and give lips luster. Lipstick texture, moisturizing, holding effect is excellent, can effectively tender lips. Clinique EYE ITEM (CLINIQUE) LASH POWER long curly eyelashes makeup is the punchline. Clinique (CLINIQUE) LASH POWER powerful, can guarantee a day to show the charm of beautiful eyelashes, eye makeup. The mascara has strong makeup effect, and it can still maintain the beautiful makeup under the condition of sweating, external humidity and tears. Remover, without the use of cleansing oil, through warm water can be clean unloading s

冬天的美妆就该不一样 LAMY 迪奥 倩碧-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 拥有一个摆满各样美肤、美妆产品的化妆台是所有女性的梦想。但是,相比较于满满当当的化妆台,我们更应该审视化妆台上摆着“怎样的产品”。尤其是在干燥的冬季,购买化妆品时更应细致把关。   为了有效对抗干燥冬季,化妆台上需要备上润养肌肤的美妆神器。谁说冬季就不能任意美妆了?下面就为你介绍打造水润嫩肌的冬季美肤明星产品。   MAKEUP TIP 冬季妆容依旧水润的TIP      若想有效改善冬季干燥肌肤,不妨进行well-being上妆工作。为面部涂抹粉底之后,再涂抹靓丽口红,赋予肌肤生机。涂抹1~2回睫毛膏,打造清爽眼妆。   曾几何时起发型已与美妆合为一体,一个高水准的美妆应由完美的发型做衬托。尤其是在干燥的秋冬季节,发质也变得更加枯燥、易分叉,建议使用护肤乳液及精油产品保护我们逐渐枯燥的发丝。   HAIR ITEM 罗美化妆品(LAMY COSMETICS)Witch’s Broomstick Hair      Witch’s Broomstick润发乳富含山茶精油、槲寄生萃取物等丰富的营养,拥有着卓越的保湿功效。可令因冬季寒冷、多风天气而逐渐变得枯燥的发丝重返弹力、润滑状态。   Witch’s Broomstick润发精油是一款无粘稠、质地清爽的护肤精油产品。富含荷荷巴籽精油等高营养成分,可为发丝充足营养变得光泽有弹力。隐隐清香持久有效,避免了时间长而产生的异味困扰。两款产品搭配使用,助发丝更柔顺、亮丽、有弹力。   LIP ITEM 迪奥(Dior)Rouge Baume      使用口红,可以有效赋予肌肤生机。如果妆容缺少口红,就会如“素颜”般平凡。为了打造光彩肌肤,建议使用亮色口红,打造生动妆容。   迪奥(Dior)Rouge Baume内含精华成分,可以有效赋予唇部弹性,保护唇部并赋予唇部光彩。口红质地水润,持妆效果极佳,可以有效嫩滑唇部。   EYE ITEM 倩碧(CLINIQUE)LASH POWER      纤长卷翘的睫毛是妆容的点睛之笔。倩碧(CLINIQUE)LASH POWER功效强大,可以保证一整天的美丽睫毛,展现魅力眼妆。   该款睫毛膏的持妆效果强大,可以在出汗、外界湿度较大及流泪等情况下,依旧维持动人妆容。卸妆时,无需使用卸妆油,通过温水即可干净卸除睫毛膏。黄智惠 郑文兰 文 Witch’s Broomstick,Dior 迪奥,CLINIQUE 倩碧,bnt新闻DB http:   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: