The branch of Geng Zengqiang: TurboX how intelligent hardware platform – Sohu brain science intelligence stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Sharpay November 17th, the branch held a strategic conference in Beijing, aimed at the intelligent hardware innovation enterprise, power and accelerating its different forms of intelligent hardware products, and expand the depth of strategic cooperation with related enterprises. During the conference also launched TurboX, a set of core computing modules, operating systems, algorithms and SDK integration solutions, but also includes the development board and community services intelligent brain platform. After the meeting, intellectual things (public No.: zhidxcom) and other media and the branch of CEO enhancement process and positioning, Geng hardware launched TurboX platform to how to keep up with the changes in the market trend, the company’s strategic layout transformation, market competition and the core of intelligence industry views were more in-depth exchanges. After the market precipitation test of TurboX break in the conference, we see zero intelligence control self UAV Dobby, 00 Camera, Hover of infinite small micro whale VR machine X1 HiAR Glasses wind and light physical demonstration. It is understood that these smart products have been equipped with a branch of the TurboX and has been facing the market or enterprise sales. For this phenomenon Geng Geng said that when the TurboX module in the field of intelligent applications and have the corresponding consumer products were born, the company was determined that this module is more mature. It is of no value for the module to be used only when it is made, and only through market verification can it be proved to be reliable. In the market test of this precipitation period, the product should continue to match with the intelligent hardware to run, find problems and solve problems. Experienced precipitation, today’s TurboX can be better applied to unmanned aerial vehicles, VR, cameras, robots and other fields. Respond to market changes, Geng said that the hardware update is predictable, and for different areas have their own custom design. The level of software, operating system, SDK algorithm, the experience of company long-term accumulated based on Geng Zengqiang that software should be an iterative process of updating, it should have vitality, and with the development of the whole industry chain. From the mobile phone to solve the transformation scheme of intelligent Chinese development potential is the branch of intelligent mobile phone solutions for over 8 years, the introduction of TurboX also means that the company has expanded the research field, from mobile phone solutions into intelligent solutions. In this regard, Gengzeng Jiang explained that the mobile phone in the field for 8 years, and found that the development speed of this area has gradually slowed down, and his company as a large company, should develop a new growth point. Intelligent hardware and intelligent vehicle is a new field of two companies to expand, and chose the two fields, because the company found that they have great prospects for development, and the application experience accumulated in the field of mobile phone in itself.相关的主题文章: