The Chengdu auto show super SYPC with maxed out your eye! 2016 Chengdu auto show will be officially opened on September 2nd, at this show, Mercedes Benz new CLA will be officially unveiled in the country. The new Mercedes Benz CLA and AMG (micro-blog) CLA 45 has been released in this year’s New York auto show, recently, we captured the front Hall probe edit the car, let us preview. Read the following points, the article read half: 1 new CLA in appearance has been adjusted, and the new AMG CLA 45 appearance has become more radical. 2 new CLA entry level CLA and CLA 250 Sport, equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T engines, respectively. 3.AMG CLA 45 and CLA 45 ShootingBrake equipped with a new 2.0T engine. 4.AMG CLA h acceleration for 4.2 seconds, ShootingBrake version for 4.3 seconds, 450-100km. The new Mercedes Benz CLA 220 4MATIC new CLA has redesigned headlights shape, and optional LED headlights, in addition to the front bumper of fine adjustment, the whole face looks more dynamic fashion. The new CLA and CLA Shooting from the tail of the Brake, the change is not great, only the taillights selected to replace the new LED light source. The new Mercedes Benz CLA New York auto show new car in addition, provide a new sport appearance package, this package contains the AMG style front and rear bumpers, dot matrix grille, black exterior rearview mirror shell. At the same time, AMG CLA 45 appearance become more radical, AMG family type grille, new front spoiler, side skirts, bilateral chrome dual exhaust shows the strong power of this car. The new Mercedes Benz AMG CLA 45 New York Auto Show – interior design, from the official view of new CLA changes very little, only the dashboard using black color design, and also provides a more dazzling new interior material collocation style. Power, overseas version of the new CLA 2 diesel engine and 5 gasoline power system, transmission and engine matching is 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, with models also optional four-wheel drive system. It should be noted that the new CLA also adds a new entry-level models CLA 180 and CLA 250 Sport, respectively, with 1.6T and 2.0T engine, maximum power of 89kW and 160kW. In addition AMG CLA 45 and CLA 45 ShootingBrake is equipped with a new 2.0T engine, maximum power 207kW, peak torque 475Nm. Transmission matching 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, four-wheel drive system as standard, and optional mechanical differential lock and dynamic packet. Official data, AMG CLA h acceleration of 4.2 seconds, ShootingBrake version for the second 4.3 seconds, 450-100km. Edit comment: several models of appearance and interior changes are not great, but fine.相关的主题文章: