The city is very special Secretary of the mayor of 1 people pick a shoulder for a period of 4 years – Sohu news, such as I am now Secretary of the mayor, party unity, can reduce officials. Sansha municipal government not only on what the power service are "soldiers"." The establishment of more than four years, is located in the southernmost part of the prefecture level city of Hainan Chinese Sansha will usher in the party and government bodies in the first round of replacement. In November 6th, three Shashi session of the 100th session of the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee considered the "plan" the first session of the second National People’s Congress three Shashi Shashi and Chinese Communist Party Congress for the first time the relevant preparatory work. The meeting revealed that the first Congress of Communist Party of China three Shashi Yongxing Island, scheduled to be held in November 12th to 14 this year, three Shashi Second People’s Congress of the first meeting held up in Yongxing island in November 22nd this year to 23. The meeting, Sansha Municipal Committee, mayor Xiao Jie stressed that to seriously organize the assembly election, strengthen discipline, to ensure the elections orderly, let Congress and the Municipal People’s Congress to create a good political environment become Sansha vivid practice. "Politics" notice, since July 24, 2012 was established, three Shashi government officers have a shoulder "by Xiao Jie". This phenomenon is extremely rare in China’s existing nearly 300 prefecture level cities. In addition, with the Congress and the National People’s Congress of the Party leadership approaches, three Shashi currently there have been some adjustments: in August of this year, deputy secretary of Sansha municipal high departmental level a.. In October this year, Xu Xuejian was nominated for the Sansha Municipal People’s Congress candidate. In June 21, 2012, the State Council approved the revocation of Hainan Province, Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, the Zhongsha Islands offices, the establishment of the prefecture level city of Sansha, under the jurisdiction of the Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha Islands and its sea area, Spratly Islands. A month later, in July 23rd, the first meeting of the three Shashi first people’s congress opening ceremony. 45 of the deputies elected from Xisha, Nansha and the three delegations had three Shashi the level of authority. Xiao Jie was elected mayor of Sansha city. On the same day, Xiao Jie was appointed as the Sansha municipal committee. For his position, Xiao Jie had explained. He said, not much Sansha municipal Party committee and municipal government, and other cities are completely different concepts. For example, I now serve as mayor secretary, party unity, can reduce officials. Sansha municipal government not only on what the power service are "soldiers"." Located in the southernmost tip of China, under the jurisdiction of the country’s total land area of about 1/4 the size of the sea area, and has an extremely important strategic position, was first established, three Shashi has attracted wide attention. Xi Jinping in April 2013 in the Hainan study had stressed that accelerating the construction of three Shashi, is an important duty of the Hainan provincial government, is a major play must take good, hope to Hainan three Shashi regime construction, infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection, people’s livelihood, fulfill the important mission of the South China sea rights, good stability, given the central dimension protection and development. As the three Shashi government officers, Xiao Jie is quite low-key. Britain相关的主题文章: