The couple living on the island for 9 days from the beach to write a SOS – rescued Beijing Beijing in August 30, according to foreign media reports, the United States a couple days ago by boat from the island when he was living on the island, lost contact with the outside world for 9 days. However, the couple wrote a huge SOS on the beach in the beach, the rescue was finally found, successfully rescued. To search the coast guard said that Mrs. Jack (Jack) August 17th from Vinot Island (Weno Island) to catch the boat after the scheduled day arrived at the tower Marta Island (Tamatam Island), so did not carry too much food. However, a couple of two people did not arrive at the scheduled time, the coast guard 19, immediately to search. One of the British rescue ship found in East Fayu Island lights for help, please send a P-8A patrol aircraft flew over to view, found on the beach there is a huge SOS distress signal and the couple two figure. The rescue team said: "very lucky, their health is very good!"相关的主题文章: