The drunken man lost a fight with a friend on the roadside BMW cars to vent their anger anger original title: drunk after a fight with a friend on the roadside car BMW lost anger anger Shenzhen evening news (reporter Yi Xiao Hong correspondent Hong Miaoyan) recently, by the Nanshan District people’s Procuratorate prosecution Dengmou vandalism case verdicts, the court of intentional destruction of property Deng was sentenced to detention for 5 months. June 14, 2016 at 3 pm, Deng Hu and friends 5 people after eating supper, to Nanshan District before the sea near the entrance of a commercial center in the new gallery. Dengmou for drunkenness and Hu fight, after Deng felt beat Hu, eating, very angry, then climbed the Sohn parked in the street white BMW 320Li car, with feet trample the front windshield of the automobile and engine cover, resulting in damage to the car. After identification, the value of the loss of damaged vehicles is 11857 yuan. A drink with friends altercation, and then developed into a fight, is already illegal, and afterwards did not regulate individual emotions in a timely manner, instead of at the side of the road vehicle trampling to xiesifen, resulting in third innocent people suffer economic losses, damage to the vehicle, has now been sentenced to punishment, can only reflect on mistakes behind bars. Shenzhen prosecutors on the advice of the general public, failing to solve in a calm and cool attitude, must not be affected by the bad mood control, not because the impulse to commit a criminal act. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: