The Falcon 9 rocket explosion caused $200 million Facebook satellite was destroyed Amos-6 satellite Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 2nd morning news, since the SpaceX Falcon 9 (Falcon 9) the rocket exploded, causing the first $200 million worth of Facebook Satellite Internet was completely destroyed. The morning local time on Thursday, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in the state of Florida (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station) launch explosion. According to the original plan, the rocket will be launched on Saturday for the first Facebook Internet satellite. Today, SpaceX confirmed that the rocket carrying the Facebook Amos-6 satellite has been completely destroyed. Originally, the satellite will be in GMT on Saturday at 1:33 in the afternoon with the Falcon 9 rocket, as part of the Sahara region in South Africa to provide Internet services. For Facebook CEO Mark (Mark Zuckerberg), this is definitely a bad news. Zuckerberg said yesterday in his visit to Nigeria, will launch the first Internet satellite on Saturday. Facebook announced last fall that it would use the Amos-6 satellite made by the Israeli Aviation Industry Corp to provide Internet services to parts of the Sahara desert. Amos-6 satellite weighs about 5 tons, cost $200 million. Zach Burke looked unhappy although the rocket explosion caused by the quake was felt strongly, and lasted for a few minutes, but SpaceX said the explosion caused no casualties. Florida Buleiwode county (Brevard County) emergency response management office said the explosion did not cause any threat to the public. The reason to provide Internet service via satellite, Zuckerberg said in his Facebook page said: "people want to connect living in remote areas, connected by the traditional network facilities will be very difficult, and very inefficient. So we need to invent new technologies." In addition to satellites, but also through the Aquila Facebook UAV to provide Internet services. Aquila is a solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle, will be in the height of 60 thousand feet to 90 thousand feet (about 18 thousand meters to 27 thousand meters) in the stratosphere. Aquila can create a length of KM in a range of up to 50 km over the course of 90 days, the signal will be converted to the WiFi or the Internet through the signal tower on the ground for human use. Eventually, Facebook hopes to launch 10 thousand Aquila uav. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: