The film "Fengyun" Fengyun star Li Qinqin travels to Yinchuan for visit to Yinchuan for visit Li Qinqin   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment forthright and generous, not hypocritical Beijing actor Li Qinqin, love and concern by the majority of the audience has been. In recent years, she is not only in the movie "my grandfather" TV drama "agents," such as film and television drama dad to be brisk performance, also gradually reveals its unique charm in the delicacy, opera and other different types of variety shows. Shortly before the film "Fengyun" special edition "Fengyun Star Travel" to Yinchuan to visit Li Qinqin, when she was shooting the movie "baby agent", so this time she played a role in what? What does Li Qinqin look like? November 2nd 19:35, BTV art "film and television" will take you to walk into Li Qinqin’s crew, for you to show her working environment. The family is willing to desperately Niang "movie" baby agent "was filmed in a desert in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia at the junction of the village, Li Qinqin’s wife, she began a day after the arrival of the crew shooting in simple makeup. This movie is one of the four movies a month Li Qinqin shoot at the same time, she said "too busy no time to rest this month, Beijing, Shanxi, Ningxia and so on several places to run, a movie after staying in Beijing for three days in Yinchuan." Have a full schedule, traveling around the country, for the fifty-three year old Li Qinqin is not a small challenge, but she had someone to find my happiness within, that filming needs me, I still have value, an actor on the way, I’ll be traveling." In fact, for many years, Li Qinqin has been shuttling between the crew, because the young father suffering from cerebral thrombosis completely bedridden, and also a small child, tough Li Qinqin shoulders the responsibility of family, the single mother in order to earn money can only continue to play then, eventually because of tired waist leg appeared symptoms, only admitted to the hospital for surgery. In fact, the illness can be treated conservatively, the doctor said the rest can be recovered in three months, but I have no time to rest, can only do surgery, postoperative lying in bed for half a month, these days I have a lot of sense of touch, I think I should learn to put down". Perhaps it is because of this illness, Li Qinqin became a lot of open-minded, with his mother and sister will be a good father to wait, the child can grow up acting, I am a lot better". Now Li Qinqin’s career development better, life is more and more smoothly, she admits that the state a lot better, many attentive audience found her face, more beautiful, but there are also some people questioned Li Qinqin cosmetic". This issue of film and television, Li Qinqin will be the first to respond to cosmetic rumors, and she for cosmetic also has a sharp original insights! I hope to meet the right people in the work of Li Qinqin is very serious, as long as the working conditions will be difficult to get a good job. In life, experienced two failed marriage Li Qinqin also take charge as chief of at home, she said son ray once said "mother love her you should find someone to take care of you", but Li Qinqin has said "love!相关的主题文章: