The Japanese self defense forces launched overseas training to prepare for the match against the use of force in Japan’s new defense minister Inada Tomomi announced on 24, the SDF will combine the new method of the implementation of the new security forces, increasing training mission, including overseas to start the implementation of collective self-defense "to defend" related training. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said on the 24 day, Rice said at a press conference, the premise of the implementation of the new security law, the implementation of the "new task training" for security law in self-defense, strengthen forces "to deal with the new situation of the combat capability. "It is reasonable to be prepared to deal with all situations," said the rice field." The implementation of the new task of the main forces of the training will be sent to the south of Sultan in mid November this year, the implementation of peacekeeping GSDF ninth division fifth regiment general. The troops will begin routine training from 25 onwards, in mid September after the start of the security law, allowing Japan to implement collective self-defense training courses abroad. The introduction of the new training courses include the use of weapons to rescue the attacked UN peacekeepers rush to the rescue guard, and with other countries the army camp "camp guard defense", to relax the SDF assault weapons use and action limits for the premise, emphasizing "the actual environment of combat capability". Whether to allow the SDF troops to perform these tasks in the overseas, the Japanese government will be based on the local situation and the training of troops, before the end of October at the National Security Council decided on. Reuters said that this means that Japan is likely to intervene in the war for the first time a substantial foreign military conflict. Self defense forces in the hands of the final decision-making power in the hands of the cabinet. Kyodo news agency said that in September last year, after the introduction of the new security law and implemented in March this year, the SDF activities ushered in a turning point of change". To participate in the preparation of the new security law allows Japan to exercise collective self-defense related military activities, the SDF will strengthen the training content, to enhance the state of war in the country under the rear support of other troops. The defense minister’s position as a symbol, in the government guidelines to strengthen military construction, the SDF to a new round of domestic training and joint training with the United States will continue to start, including the idea of the unexpected happens on the Korean Peninsula, the SDF on U.S. warships and base facilities to provide escort. To this end, the plan from the beginning of October this year, joining the related subjects in a routine Japan US joint exercises "sword" and the Japan US joint team CPXs "Sakura". Some analysts believe that, consistent with the main objectives of the new security law, the SDF’s next training and defense exchange program, will also strengthen the Japan US alliance as the basic starting point.相关的主题文章: