The magic of "optical catenary", is expected to become the next generation of integrated photonics core   science and technology — in the park or street, we often can see a row between the cement pillars 22 even in chains, chains naturally form a beautiful curve. Suspension bridge, hanging between the two poles of spider webs, bead wire and so on, have a similar curve, this curve is called catenary. The catenary into public view, originated from Da Vinci’s paintings with an ermine "woman". With the future research, the catenary is revealed the true face of Mount Lu. The scientists found that in many forms of catenary in a kind of "strength catenary" can keep the structure in different position of stress is the same. So, does it apply to the "force" on the light? In light of this peculiar mechanical properties, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of photoelectric technology team with particle beam in the plane surface of metal film thickness only 100 nm, carved nano size "sub wavelength catenary" continuous structure, and confirmed the metal film with the catenary "petals", in the light irradiation can produce a stable and controllable refraction, reflection and other optical phenomena. In the project of national 973 project "the key scientific problem of wave diffraction limit" under the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Opto electronics microfabrication State Key Laboratory of optical technology for the first time in the world to study confirmed that using physical principle of photon spin orbit angular momentum interaction, "catenary" can produce stable to light and controllable "wrench" role. Is to say "optics catenary" structure and manufacture, can not use any convex lens, can be realized only in the two-dimensional plane of the refraction, reflection, and even let the light rotation any attitude. The thickness of the traditional optical elements is much larger than the wavelength, which is why the telescope, camera lens needs different sizes of the lens group. But the catenary optical devices, through the translation, the operation of nanometer ultra-thin structure zoom and rotation, the phase change of light, its thickness is much smaller than the wavelength. The future is based on the new optical components catenary construction, has the characteristics of thin, can be widely used in aircraft, satellites and other space exploration field, mobile phone, camera lens and imaging field. The results of this study, published by the American Association for the advancement of science, have received extensive attention from the international optical community. "Chinese science" on the comment that this discovery proved that nano catenary can be used to build optical devices thin and lightweight, is expected to become the core of the next generation integrated photonics. (from the voice of Chinese Academy of Sciences) "people’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 20 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Yiding and Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: