Beijing Central G80 wide Kunming high-speed Nanning section of bus rollover accidents due to driver or heart attack – in extensive network Nanning on August 29th news (reporter Xu Dawei) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, yesterday morning, G80 wide Kunming high-speed Guangxi section of Nanning bus rollover accident occurred, has caused 10 deaths 32 people were injured. Yesterday about 10 o’clock in the morning, in the wide Kunming high-speed near Nanning Tanluo direction to Shibu Road, after a grade of Guangxi A93638 bus in roadside guardrail crashed through the turn to the side ditch outside the highway. Now the accident has caused 10 deaths, 32 people were injured, 10 seriously injured, 1 slight. After the accident, the injured were sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University and the eighth hospital of Nanning. One of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University received 17 injured, Nanning City, the Eighth People’s hospital received a total of 15 people. This is the 10 seriously injured stable vital signs, 3 of them and another seriously injured have been seriously injured is mainly micro surgery, traumatic brain injury, minor injuries are the spine, chest, waist and upper limbs and other parts is injured in different degrees. It is reported that at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the Guangxi autonomous region held an accident meeting. Listen to the report and deploy the next step. Meeting the requirements of first do the cured and 10 deceased remedial work, the meeting also asked the autonomous region and Nanning city administration, public security, transportation, health and other relevant departments in accordance with the division of work, the various functions of the emergency plan to carry out, promptly informed of the situation, make a ditch. It is understood that the accident belongs to the Guangxi Super Large Transport Group Co., Ltd., the morning from Guangxi, Baise to the direction of the driving force of 47 people, carrying a load of 42 people, there is no overload. However, according to the company staff, the driver may be due to a heart attack, resulting in the loss of control of the vehicle, the current public security organs have been investigated in the case of the driver to see if there is a history. According to the Guangxi traffic police department responsible for the introduction of a cause of the accident caused heavy casualties, and passengers may not fasten safety with the relationship, the relevant departments are doing further investigation of the accident. In addition, this is the bus belonging to the large passenger transport company second rollover accident occurred this year, in May 13th this year, the company for the license plate number of Guangxi AE5679 bus rollover accident occurred in Nanning friendship road sections, the accident caused 2 deaths, 22 injured.相关的主题文章: