The office issued a document to prevent sick promoted to strengthen the former turn all must be nuclear Sohu news recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinion "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to seriously implement the actual. Notice that the "opinions" fully implement strictly, strict management of cadres, to make specific requirements for the cadres to prevent sick promoted, good is important to follow the work of selecting and appointing cadres in the new period. The local leadership groups to implement the "opinions" notice stressed that the party committees (party) to prevent cadres sick promoted as an important content of comprehensive strictly, strict management of cadres, to reflect the whole process of selecting and appointing cadres, strictly implement the main responsibility, adhere to the principle of accountability. To focus, grasp the key minority candidates, adhere to standards, strict compliance procedures, and do a good job of leading cadres above the county level selection and appointment. To adhere to the cause, fairness, protection work style, dare to do everything and forge ahead of the cadres. To strengthen supervision and inspection, the implementation of the opinions ineffective, serious accountability accountable. All levels of the organization and personnel department and discipline inspection and supervision organs to the Party committee (party) under the leadership, accurately understand the spirit of "opinions", correctly grasp the limits of policy, earnestly perform their duties responsibly, strengthen communication links, the formation of working together to implement the regulations. In general the local leadership work, should conscientiously implement the "opinions" provisions, and resolutely prevent cadres sick promoted". Notification requirements, all localities and departments in the implementation of the opinions of the important situation and recommendations in a timely report to the Party Central committee. Implementation of the work of the Party committee (party) secretary, Discipline Inspection Commission (discipline inspection team leader) in the opinion of the signing system. The party committees (party) on the selection and appointment of negative responsibility, Party committees (party) secretary is the first responsible person, organization and personnel departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs respectively assume direct responsibility and oversight responsibilities. To strengthen the leadership of the party organization and the role of gatekeeper, and adhere to the cadre principle of Party cadres standard, implement the three three real strict requirements, vigorously develop clean, bold use of loyalty play, and promote the development of outstanding cadres. The party committees (party) to the higher Party organizations submit recommendations to be promoted or further use of the candidates, the candidates for responsibility and discipline of the concluding observations, Party committees (party) secretary of the Discipline Committee (Discipline Inspection Group) sign system in opinion. Assessment and evaluation of Party committees (party) and the organization and personnel departments, discipline inspection and supervision organs and the relevant leading cadres, to implement the selection and appointment of employees as an important content. Deepen the understanding of the daily understanding of the cadres of the daily conduct and performance, multi-channel, multi-level, multi lateral identification of cadres. – adhere to regular and close, with principle and extensive contact with the cadres, cadres in-depth understanding of daily conduct and performance, multi-channel and multi-level recognition of cadres. Through the investigation, the usual assessment, the annual assessment, the term assessment, democratic life, honest and other channels, timely service相关的主题文章: