The poetry of all "concept of chess": leisure is an important part of the broad and profound historical and cultural China in a pot of ancient poetry Qiuping poems and dramas go, many of which are about Weiqi poems, let us together to enjoy the best works. Observing Wen Tingyun (Tang) on a chessboard tilt leisure pot, Huang Huaping on a lu. When ye he emperor copper dragon water, Xuancheng Prefecture without money. Sina sports notes: a pot: a pot of wine. Huang Huaping: maybe it’s a small place name. A few old believe Lu: (a chess game) a total of five dice, no gold on black white, a full black said lu. "He said:" if the sentence on the palace to see the emperor, Shi chess to leak. To the emperor the emperor. Copper dragon water, luxury leakage device in ancient palace (timer). Also known as the Dragon cast copper, copper water clock, the Longkou spit water. "Bet": according to the "song book, Yang Xuan Bao Chuan" records: Yang Xuan Bao very good at chess, "or third". Song playing with him, and he bet, if he wins, he gave the song a magnifico, history known as the "gambling County war". Finally, Yang Xuan Bao was defeated, the emperor will not go back, really gave him an official of Xuancheng prefecture." This sentence is said to like Yang Xuan Bao Sheng song "chess of Xuancheng Prefecture, get career. This is his appreciation: do before he is 36 years old exam. The first two words of "leisure to tilt a pot of Huang Huaping on the chessboard, a few into Lu", is a true portrayal of the life of his. The third and fourth two "when he called emperor copper water dragon, he declared the prefect no direct bearing gambling", in order to be able to go gambling, since born, visible gas and ego. If you can boast like this, you should be a master player for weiqi. When the Tang Dynasty to the imperial examination, go gambling has become history, therefore, is actually a joke, his talent for himself, showing the arrogance of official career ambition in together. When he was "two words", he also revealed the resentment and resentment of his "just" but no "time". (from "Zhang Zhaofen anthology" Vincent sound rhyme chess history compilation)

古诗词共赏《观棋》:闲对楸枰倾一壶 古诗词共赏   诗词与围棋都是中国博大精深的历史文化的重要组成部分,其中不乏许多描写围棋的诗词,下面就让我们来一同欣赏一下这些脍炙人口的佳作。    观棋   温庭筠(唐)   闲对楸枰倾一壶,   黄华坪上几成卢。   他时谒帝铜龙水,   便赌宣城太守无。   新浪体育讯  注释:   一壶:一壶酒。   黄华坪:可能是一小地名。   几成卢:古时樗蒲(一种棋类游戏)共五枚骰子,没枚上黑下白,掷出全黑即称卢。   “他时”句:谓日后若能进宫见到皇帝,待漏伺侍棋。谒帝:觐见皇帝。铜龙水,古代宫中豪华的漏器(计时之器)。又称铜漏,铸铜为龙首,使龙口吐水。   “便赌”句:据《宋书・羊玄保传》记载:羊玄保棋下得不错,“棋品第三”。宋武帝与他下棋时,与他打赌,如果他赢了,宋武帝给他个大官,史书上称之为“赌郡战”。最后,羊玄保果然胜了,武帝亦不食言,真的给了他一个宣城太守的官。”此句是说一定能像羊玄保棋胜宋武帝而授宣城太守那样,求得仕途通达。   赏析:   此诗是温庭筠在他36岁应试之前所做。首二句“闲对楸枰倾一壶,黄华坪上几成卢”,应是温庭筠生活真实的写照。三、四两句“他时谒帝铜龙水,便赌宣城太守无”直承,以能围棋赌郡自许,可见桀骜之气和自负之意。能如此夸口,就围棋来说,应是高手无疑。唐代之时以科举取士,围棋赌郡早已成了历史笑谈,因此,实际上温庭筠是以才情自许,表现出睥睨群贤的功名仕进之志。“他时”二字一转,又透露出温庭筠虽有“才”却无“时”的愤恨不平之气。   (摘自张昭焚《历代棋声诗韵选集》 文森特编译)相关的主题文章: