The powder has been enthusiastic bright black iPhone 7 in Xiamen stock powder in the apple store experience bright black models in Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen evening news (micro-blog) news (reporter Zhang Jingwei Ventura) iPhone 7 release, the day before yesterday, the reporter went to the SM new life square Apple stores found that consumers from 5 pm to 8 PM has been enthusiastic. Most young people enter the store and ask about the experience zone of iPhone 7, and go straight to the bright black model. Mr. Wang was carrying a backpack, a sports clothing, into the store to find bright black iPhone 7 shopping guide asked whether there are goods, after that to online booking, he did not stay, ready to go back to the operation of the Internet, "I am now using iPhone 6, silver, more love black, decided buy a new one, did not think so hot." Reporters learned that the new life square Apple direct store, currently only provide iPhone 7 booking service, black, bright black are in a shortage state. The clerk said that the typhoon weather did not have much impact on the sale of iPhone 7. On the morning of the first day, customers who had already made reservations online had already lined up in the store to wait for the goods. In addition to iPhone 7, iPhone 6S is also popular. Miss Huang started a rose gold iPhone 6S, she said: "feel iPhone 7 is not a big breakthrough, not as good as a reasonable point to buy a cheap iPhone 6S."." >

“果粉”一直热情不减 亮黑款iPhone 7在厦缺货“果粉”在苹果直营店体验亮黑色机型厦门网(微博)-厦门晚报(微博)讯(文 图 记者 张婧玮)iPhone 7发售,前天,记者来到SM新生活广场苹果直营店发现,消费者从下午5点到晚上8点一直热情不减。多数年轻人进店就询问iPhone 7的体验区,并且直奔亮黑色机型而去。市民王先生背着双肩包,一身运动装束,进店就找导购询问亮黑色iPhone 7是否还有货,得知要网上预约之后,他也没有再多留,准备回去上网操作,“我现在用的是iPhone 6,是银色的,比较喜欢黑色,才决定买新的,没想到这么抢手。”记者了解到,新生活广场的苹果直营店,目前只提供iPhone 7的预约服务,黑色、亮黑色均已处于缺货状态。店员表示,台风天气对iPhone 7的发售并没有太大影响,首发当天上午,已在网上预约购机的顾客,就已在店里排起长队等候拿货。除iPhone 7之外,iPhone 6s也颇受欢迎。市民黄小姐就入手了一台玫瑰金的iPhone 6s,她说:“感觉iPhone 7也没什么大的突破,还不如理性一点买台便宜的iPhone 6s。”>相关的主题文章: