The price of heavy trucks   coal prices to the inflection point of the start or brake – energy – season has to snow, the temperature dropped in northern areas, but months affects all nerves crazy prices, finally appeared "brake" signs. A number of control effective November 20th, Shenhua Group announced, from late November onwards will be 5500 kcal coal spot prices to 680 yuan per ton, down 5 yuan per ton than the previous period. The 5 major coal enterprises including coal group, Datong Coal Mine Group, have responded, in addition, Huaneng Huadian, Guodian and many other power generation group also issued a notice to 5500 kcal coal settlement price of 685 yuan tons as the highest price. This is followed by the national development and Reform Commission held in November 4th to regulate the price of coal enterprises to remind the warning will be, the second major domestic coal enterprises collective price adjustment. "From the beginning of last week, the port coal prices began to sharply cut. 5500 kcal coal per ton has a week to the price of seventy or eighty yuan, the current price in the 680 yuan ton. Although the coal price is strong, but coal prices also rose shrink kengkou." Henan, Pingdingshan engaged in coal mining business Jia reflect, driven by the price adjustment of large enterprises, the domestic coal market is indeed rising brake signs. "In the country to promote the leading coal enterprises signed a long-term agreement, the task has been to the place. The price of coal rose crazy days are no longer there." Long association coal is an important starting point for the national development and Reform Commission had to control coal prices rising fast. Since November 8th, the Shenhua Group, China Coal Group has with the national coal consumption over 4 into five power group signed a long-term coal contract. November 16th development and Reform Commission to organize a meeting to continue to promote the signing of the coal and electricity long association, but also for the release of advanced production capacity. "276 days of coal production was finally lifted, which will suppress the formation of clear coal." JOYOU said the coal market analyst off Italy, many small coal mines have been started on capacity release, the market supply will rapidly expand. The effect of coal mine production capacity has been released. National Bureau of statistics data released in November 14th showed that in October coal production of 2.8 tons, the highest point in nearly 7 months, an increase of 1.76%. At the same time, coal stocks began to pick up quickly. November 15th, Qinhuangdao port coal storage reached 6 million 80 thousand tons, for the first time in the year to break through the 6 million tons, Bohai port coal field has been more than 16 million tons. "The role of multiple factors, market speculation and hoarding factors began to decrease, Hebei and other places have started to focus on the sale of pre trader coal." Zhuo coal analyst Cui Yue said that after the replenishment early, some power plants began to see the market. Automotive heavy price at the same time, the relevant departments to increase capacity, stable price has become another attempt to limit the rapid rise in coal prices. At present, coal transportation prices have generally lower, the largest decline in nearly 80 yuan per ton, which is the signal downstream coal." Coal industry analyst Han Bin said, according to the Yulin coal trading center data, last week, Yulin coal road freight drop)相关的主题文章: