The qualified rate of all completed! Chinese peacekeeping engineer just did it — military — shining in Congo (gold) the "Chinese name card" — the nineteenth installment of Congo (DRC) peacekeeping engineering unit to perform the task of Li Zike in September 29th, China nineteenth installment of Congo (DRC) peacekeeping engineering unit successfully completed a one-year mission, has returned. Look back a year and years, they entered the mountains, forests, roads and bridges to drill culvert, hear guns do not fear, do not flinch in the face of the epidemic, faithfully perform "mission combat team" and "military operations overseas advance team" and "national image team" glorious mission, worthy of a shining "China name card". According to the engineering unit commander Liu Wei, in the year of the task period, they have completed 41 engineering survey, the construction of 31 projects, 3 geological disaster rescue mission, cumulative repair Road 72.6 kilometers, leveling the ground more than 3.2 square meters, 31 bridge culvert repair. Monusco military engineering department evaluation said: "Chinese engineers is 6 army engineers in the mission area not only because of their own reasons for downtime, the qualified rate of all units completed." Local time on September 24th, in peacekeeping troops before returning to the rotation of 3 days, Monusco commander will specially flew from Goma Cruze headquarters arrived in the province of South Kivu Chinese peacekeeping engineering unit resident, off for the upcoming return to the China engineers. He is listening to the report on review troops said emotionally: "your task has been very good, I was under the jurisdiction of Chinese engineering unit so excellent team and proud." (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi China) to Congo (DRC) peacekeeping engineering unit to actively use a variety of occasions Chinese communication culture, strengthen friendship. The picture shows the use of the construction of peace fighter Wang Bin teach local children to learn chinese. Photo by Li Zike for Chinese engineering unit proud, there are many local people named Frank? John’s friends is one of them. To express their gratitude to draw China sentiment of the peacekeeping engineer who used a picture of children. On the screen, Chinese peacekeepers wearing a camouflage with a telescope overlooking, next to a flying dove of peace. John told everyone, because the flash floods, and his buddies to school the road was destroyed, is Chinese peacekeeping soldiers rushed to the scene, put up a bridge with a simple tree being washed down the tree, and then on the road to repair. This group of Chinese big brother seems never to know tired, lunch on the site to solve, and occasionally rest, but also to teach him and small partners to speak Chinese, we all like this group of soldiers from china. Close to home, peace and security officers and soldiers can not rest assured that SOS children’s village children. Local time on September 25th, they and a new batch of peacekeeping officers and soldiers together, with food and school supplies, came to the children’s village to visit the children, and held the relay relay love. Scene, the officers and men together to play games with the children, to teach children to speak chinese. Careful children may know that this is the last time to see them with a year of Chinese peacekeeping officers and soldiers, crying and holding the officers and men, shouting over and over again, "I love you, ‘Chinese father’ ‘China"相关的主题文章: