The ruling party in the Duma election Putin’s re-election has show local time on September 18, 2016, Putin and Medvedev appeared in the United Russia party headquarters. Figure IC East seventh Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) election held on 18, the ruling United Russia party vote more than half, to maintain the State Duma for the first major party status. Some analysts also to the State Duma election results of the 2018 presidential election as a "barometer", it will for the Russian President Vladimir Putin to seek re-election to pave the way for ·. Putin: "to ensure a good results including the United Russia party (United Russia), the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, the Russian Communist Party, the 14 party on the 18 day in the Russian State Duma election, competing for 450 seats. As of the morning of 19, the statistics of the 95.26% of the vote, the ruling party won 54.19% of the votes, ranking the first; the Russian Communist Party votes ranked second, 13.43%; the Liberal Democrats and the Fair Russia party won 13.25% and 6.18% of the vote. The current party chairman of the United Russia party as prime minister Dmitri · Medvedev, former president of the party is president of the United States, Mr. Putin. After the vote, Putin and Medvedev are satisfied with the performance of the United Russia party, that this is a good result". "We have been able to say with certainty that the United Russia party ensures a good result, that is, a victory," said Putin, "the situation is difficult, but the people still vote for the United Russia party." The Russian State Duma is often set up by institutions, composed of 450 representatives, is mainly responsible for the drafting and formulation of the laws of the state, appointed by the president of the Prime Minister of the government to consider and decide on the president’s trust etc.. The election implementation of mixed electoral system, namely, in a total of 450 seats in the half of the seats according to the proportional representation election; the other half are elected seats in single seat constituencies, namely the establishment of 225 districts in the country, each district elected a member. According to statistics, about 48% of the total number of voters in the election of Russian voters. The Russian mainstream media that the Russian Duma election, this is already a good turnout. The Russian people do not want to see compared to the last session of political unrest and parliamentary elections held in 2011, the Russian Party System in the Duma seats increased by 105, reduce the other parties in Parliament were greatly. The United Russia’s Duma seats over the Russian constitutional majority, 300 seats, so the party can single handedly amend the constitution, the impeachment of the Russian President’s veto. Analysts believe that this is the Russian State Duma elections restored the first parliamentary elections after the mixed electoral system, the equivalent of a test of public opinion in the 2018 presidential election. This result shows that, despite the recent support of the United Russia party’s recent decline compared with a few years ago, but the majority of Russians do not want to see the political turmoil, still choose to hope to integrate Russia to maintain political stability. Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Russian Studies, China Institute of contemporary international relations.相关的主题文章: