The seventh Tianjin comic festival "recovery time charge" traditional – Beijing Xinhua Tianjin September 7th news (reporter Zhou Runjian) seventh Tianjin comic festival 7 in Tianjin qianxiangyi building opened, more than 150 actors and 50 performance groups from 25 provinces in the country will compete. The festival will bring the audience for four consecutive days, up to a total of up to 8 hours a day, time charging performance. It is understood that the timing of the charges in 50s and 60s last year, the garden is a universal way to collect fees, according to the audience to watch the performance of the length of time to decide how much to charge. When the audience enters, the staff mark the time on the ticket. When leaving, the staff on the hour, calculation of charge. The implementation of four homes into the calculation of five. Generally 10 minutes as a unit. This way first appeared in 1940s, Ji’nan Chenguang teahouse, is widely used in the mid 50s in Tianjin, Shenyang, Ji’nan, Beijing, Tangshan and many other city to follow suit. This way has been cancelled since 1966. According to reports, this comic festival, every 10 minutes for a unit of time, charges 5 yuan, less than 10 minutes to 10 minutes, and so on. "The timing of the show, the audience can make the most direct performance evaluation of the actor’s performance, the audience ‘sedentary’ will be a manifestation of the actor’s ability." Talk about the charges, comic performance artist Li Jindou said, "when I was an apprentice from the beginning of time charge, then ten minutes is 20 Fen, this is the exercise of the comic actor is a very important link." "Timed charging means that the audience has the freedom to choose actors and shows at will. Love can not listen to the audience batui." Vice chairman of Tianjin City Association Wang Hong said, "the comedian, is a kind of invisible pressure, but also a fully demonstrate their power."相关的主题文章: