The Sichuan scenic area, snow snow will advance directly, shuabing! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) before November, Sichuan various scenic spots have begun to snow, the snow will bring a sister, the latest of these scenic spots to you what, in front of the high "cold" warning, please be ready for! To play today, sister shot snow figure together??? (Mount Emei – on November 8th @ Emily happy) Mount Emei under a heavy snow yesterday, the whole area into a more beautiful snow white, golden summit. This is a small partner yesterday to shoot oh. (3 in November 8th @ Emily happy) scenic road with a thick layer of snow, "one step at a time". (3 in November 8th @ Emily happy) you can see the surrounding mountains and trees has become a world of snow on the road to the scenic spots, cold is cold, the scenery is beautiful too beautiful. (3 in November 8th @ Emily happy) the snow must be a snow doll with hydrochlorothiazide. (3 in November 8th @ Emily happy) you can see the Meng Da dolls, playing at home are talented, everyone is an artist. Tips??? Address: Mount Emei Sichuan city of Leshan province (about 200 km away from Chengdu, drive about 3 hours) route: Beijing Kunming high-speed – Chengle – Chengdu Chongqing high-speed link – Le Han high-speed ticket reference: 185 yuan, 65 yuan Jinding cableway Bipengou (3 on November 9th @ Wan Oh, yesterday’s sister) only wrote a Bipengou snow play the Raiders, actually it is snowing here. This morning, the world has changed, the white one, happy to scream. (3 in November 9th only to see @ WAN) today Bipengou snow just know that there is a beautiful thing, good photography than personally to play a trip with your eyes, a good record of kazakhstan. (* on November 9th @ Wan have been covered with snow) along the road, there is a walk in the fairy tale world of illusion. (* on November 9th @ WAN) and no snow beauty girl is not beautiful, ah ~ (* on November 9th @ WAN) this piece of snow good looks neat ah. A very common road before, after the snow is not the general view. If you want to play the snow, remember to advance promising weather Oh, to see the snow pack will run oh. Tips??? (address: ABA county about 210 kilometers away from Chengdu, 4 hours drive 3) route: Chengdu – a high-speed filling – Duwen highway -213 road -317 highway -054 Township Road Ticket reference: 140 yuan (80 yuan tickets, sightseeing car 60 yuan), the car battery 20 yuan one-way. From 30 yuan Thoreau Village (after long @) from Bipengou to)相关的主题文章: