The size of green war "era of power" Ke Chien Ming Feng: Su Jiaquan laureate too easily – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 2nd Taiwan "Legislative Yuan" 1 party consultation convened the "labor law" amendment case, but no consensus. The DPP’s total call Ke Jianming at the meeting "refers to the power of the times" crown too easily, "he said after a laurel crown is not too early". According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that Su Jiaquan on the morning of 1 called party caucus negotiation, taking "residential law" part of the provisions of a draft amendment, confirm the relevant labour "two days weekend" and "labor law" draft amendments to certain provisions of proceedings, whether in the meetings of the Committee to caucus Caucus on behalf of proposals and other related matters. No consensus in the morning, the afternoon to continue consultations. She said in an interview after the meeting, each party will do some discussion, and then by him to convene the second consultation, to see whether we can all take a step back, let procedure can be carried out smoothly. The KMT Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong said, because can’t agree, with each party to go back and do internal discussions, to continue consultations, negotiations without breaking, but there was no result. "The power of the times" caucus total call Xu Yongming said in 2008, the DPP caucus committee should be insisted on in the proposal right, hope the DPP can not stand, because become the majority party after the change; on the "Legislative Yuan" 59 interpretation, "" and "should be". What is the law on treatment. The gap is large, the proposal right is very important to the party concerned, in the hope that all caucus committees have the proposal right. Ke Jianming said that a little understanding of the legislative skills or ABC people should know that "get" and "should" is not the same, if the "times power" want to change the rules of the game, it is proposed to amend the law". Ke said, sometimes a member of a committee of the party are not, "the caucus to cover a chapter of all committee discussion are ignored, if the caucus proposal right, the right to vote, the committee did not approach operation, and it also deviates from the center committee. Ke Jianming said, can not "power of the times" to say what we have to let go to the habit, can not always let go. Media asked whether Ke Jianming in the meeting refers to the era power crown too easy? He said, a laurel crown is not too early, we went to explain it. According to reports, the "Legislative Yuan" rules in accordance with the provisions of article fifty-ninth, "the Legislative Yuan caucus organization law" provisions of article thirty-third, except as otherwise provided, the name of the caucus proposal, is not restricted by the rules concerning the joint or seconded number.相关的主题文章: