The source of Sanjiang National Park in collaboration with the private sector for wild animal "bill" – the Beijing News Agency Qinghai Zaduo August 26 Xinhua: Sanjiang source of National Park and private sector cooperation for the new agency "bill" the wild animal "reporter Luo Yunpeng eat wild animal (attack) livestock situation from my memory, but not so much now." In 2015, a year of village social herdsmen tuqu home 10 cows were wild animal attacks last year, "worry, but this year the" insurance "." Year village is located in the Grand Canyon of the Lancang river river, here under the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province Zaduo County, Sanjiang source of Lancang river source National Park Park agsai protection division where the area inside have coniferous forest, alpine meadow and alpine alpine rock, snow leopard, wild animal is one of the Tibetan Plateau in Sanjiang source region an important breeding habitat. Tuqu mouth "insurance" is in May 2016 by zadoi county official with the Beijing Landscape Conservation Center (NGO) and herdsmen jointly funded the establishment of the human animal conflict insurance fund ", the fund as the source of Lancang River’s first snow leopard" accident "community based compensation fund by the pilot" the folk "wild animal" accident "event" bill ", currently a total of 200 thousand yuan (RMB, same below). Before the introduction of human conflict compensation management and verification costs are too high, pastoralists can not fully benefit." Zaduo agsai Township Mayor Byma introduced in 2015 this year, xiang village average 4.6 cows have been wild animal hunting, the average loss of more than 5000 yuan, most of the households reached 23. Herdsmen because the burden of proof, so far no one has been compensated." Human animal conflict insurance fund start-up, required by damage report to the election of the herdsmen self management committee, then by the Management Committee of verification and publicity, by the community meeting public compensation. This way of compensation from the mechanism of innovation, reducing the cost of compensation verification." Byma said. Tuqu memories, when I first started training in the community, he on human animal conflict insurance fund "is not" cold ", then he said:" do not want their own cattle have losses, people do not represent the wild animal friendly is friendly, is better than no "insurance"." The 42 year old Gazha and tuqu village, a month ago he just by the grassland ecological protection "upgrade" for the Sanjiang National Park. The source of ecological protection. In 2015, Gazha home 6 cows have been wild animal attacks. "Agsai herdsmen home are" busy ", the snow leopard, brown bear, wolf just ‘string doors’, find something to eat is common." It is understood that since the beginning of 2013, zadoi county official has been with the Beijing landscape conservation center in Lancang river source ecological system to carry out a long-term research and protection work, has established 3 community protection to herdsmen as the main body, a total of 60 herdsmen involved. "We are now through (community) training to understand the habits of various animal and defense knowledge, like Bear cried and percussion things are very useful, the most important is to learn the use of infrared camera." It is Gazha TAM)相关的主题文章: