The stock of funds based on the narrow base of homogenization of a serious discount arbitrage space limited Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: narrow base classification fund has been marginalized. The newspaper intern reporter Ren Fei as the financing lever Jones, the classification of the fund in the bull market in short supply. In a number of public fund began to seek the development of differentiation in the selection of hot industry index has become the main starting point for the layout of the fund classification difference. However, due to highly dependent on the market, this batch of narrow base products increasingly marginalized in the last year after the crash, some even as liquidity stagnation was facing liquidation dilemma, have high risk of seed planted in the soil in the thorns grew weak. The result of the homogenization of the fund is the difference between the development of the original product line is almost complete theme to accelerate the differentiation, more products are marginalized in the fierce competition." Fund analyst Li Ying said, fund companies cater to market speculation preference and ignoring the risk control responsibilities, the existing "Zoupian Jian Feng" feeling. Wind data show that the product line from the point of view, in 2015, the stock market bull market, the narrow base index of the stock issued by the grading fund blowout. 82 grade funds issued in the new year, 73 for the theme of industry stock index fund classification, including non-ferrous metals, liquor, military, coal, iron and steel, iron and other high altitude sub sectors, as well as the hot topic "The Belt and Road", the pension industry, the reform of state-owned enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, and intelligence Home Furnishing, Internet banking, mobile Internet and other conceptual topics. In the existing part of the narrow base of theme, the industry classification of the fund as an example, Wind data show that as of August 17, 2015 in the test date, subject concept classification, the concept of class a total of 7 funds, "The Belt and Road" a total of 8 funds; industry classification, military 3, 18, culture media and finance electronic information and bio medicine, sports 8 8, 13, 6 industrial infrastructure resources, food and beverage 3, agriculture 1. The reporter understands, fund managers generally believe that the selection of different industries, the theme index "can create differentiated products, this is the power of the fund company to issue the narrow base index fund classification in the fierce competition. A Shanghai grading fund manager said: "the difference is the key to the development of the classification of the fund, in addition to advance the layout, timely seize the market share, the index of industry standard and the selection of fund agreement provision is particularly important." However, the speculative inertia didn’t seem to let the public fund reflect so on deduction, unnecessary risk of the fund companies and investors in the high, some products in the market with the scale still achieved explosive growth. From the change of scale over the classification of funds, rising prices in the grading fund market demand is strong, the scale is rising rapidly; during the period of market volatility down, fund companies have a strong willingness to product layout, but the market demand is weak, classification theory相关的主题文章: