The summer’s first boutique city accounted for help release success – Sohu entertainment 2016 to 12 billion 370 million yuan at the box office last summer, and last year 12 billion 478 million at the box office performance, but slightly decreased. Although this year the film quality is generally better than last year, but there are still a number of films has made remarkable achievements in the reputation and box office, such as cat’s audience score 8.4 points of the "big fish" Begonia box office 603 million, cat scored 8.3 "2" 678 million at the box office, shivering cat score 8.9 points of the "apostle Walker has broken box office" 600 million. Behind these movie box office success can be found one of the main participants – cat movie. In July of this year’s CEO Zheng Zhihao in an interview, that cat issued project selection criteria: whether the joint and cat’s eye is the leading issue of project selection is the standard to choose "good movie" cooperation, selection of good quality works, and provide services. In this way, the 2016 Summer service quality and to provide a cat eye film to promote the film box office success, cat’s eye line big data platform user recognition ability and reach ability as well as the cat’s media information platform content marketing advantage based on eye ground distribution ability and strong ability to cover the cinema based on line, effectively help the film to achieve precision users touch up and efficient conversion of a box office box office, the movie quality strong propeller. Data show that this year the summer cat movie released film involved in production of a total of 5, respectively, "big fish", "2" Begonia chills, "apostle Walker", "bounty hunters", "Duo A dream: new · male Japanese born" at the box office, a total of 2 billion 200 million, the average single box office reached 440 million. The cat’s eye jointly issued by the "big fish" Begonia released 36 hours breaking 100 million at the box office, "A Doraemon: Nobita’s new · Japan born" harvest is still in the case of 103 million parties is not ideal, as the summer cartoon cat leader; jointly issued by the "apostle Walker" since the release date for 12 days for one day box office, released 28 days at the box office total of more than 600 million, becoming the most dazzling summer of a dark horse, and "2" chills "bounty hunters", together with action movies this year to become the main. Relevant data show that animation and action films become the main summer box office this year, accounting for 64% of the box office share this summer, in the shadow of the whole city down the situation, played a significant role in supporting the city. In the other game player is still guaranteed ticket issue, through the strategy to grab the project quantity, scale fight, rushed to grab market share when the cat’s eye through the strategy, fine operation, made the movie Xuanfa, selling products, strong growth in brand advertising business, in the summer of 6 consecutive profitable, 7, 8 and three for a month, and nearly 40% of the market share, continue to maintain the market first. The cat’s eye CEO Zheng Zhihao think, "Internet plus the movie industry is at a critical turning point, the first half competition has ended, in the second half when opened, the enterprises must truly return to the industry itself, the industry continues to create value and sustainable construction of ecological and sustainable.相关的主题文章: